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While other blogs fritter around, PV offers the 1st Presidential Poll of 2011!

by PV

Who do you want to RUN for the GOP nomination for President a little over a year from now? Choose from the drop-down box below and click the ‘Vote’ button to cast your vote:

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6 Responses to “While other blogs fritter around, PV offers the 1st Presidential Poll of 2011!”

  1. Charles Whatley Says:

    as speaker of the house, newt gingrich is the only politician in my memory who said what he would do in the contract with america and did it!

  2. Tom Hamm Says:

    Condoleezza Rice

  3. Ed Watkins Says:

    I’m not surprised that Huckabee has gotten the nod so far. Especially in Georgia He’s Populist who sounds good. And he’s a clergyman. But playing guitar on TV will only get you so far. Being a clergyman will get you betten nationally. Bush is,well, a member of the Bush family. Might make a swell president, but Bush III probably wouldn’t cut it with many voters. We aren’t into dyansties too much. Gingrich may have purified himself, however how many people remember he’s on this third wife? Democrats will remind us daily. While lots of people these days have little regard for marriage vows, I’m betting it would be a killer in the election. Palin is great, but is easily demonized by the Democrat media. And millions of women are jealous. No one knows who Pawlenty is nor who Herman Cain is. At least Pawlenty has a governing resume. The only one with national “gravitas” is Romney. People can find a lot of fault with Romney however next to four more years of the Community Organizer he looks good to me. But so does Palin or Bush or Huckabee, etc. The question is, “Who has good chance of winning?” McCain didn’t since he didn’t run much of a campaign. Bush nearly lost to Al Gore, of all people. Dole was the next man up and lost, as expected. Bush I ran a poor campaigh. The GOP needs to nominate someone who will be open, frank,truthful and forceful to the people and who will promote Conservatism, as it is a winning philosophy if done right. Romney was wrong on Massachusetts health care. He needs to admit it and move on. I think most voters will forgive him. One negative about this man. To many he seems too good, too clean, somewhat artificial. I think they’re wrong. But that’s just me.

  4. Ed Watkins Says:

    Sorry, I misspelled “beaten”. And “dynasties”. I need a Webster’s.

  5. Ak Prayingmom Says:

    We need a leader who isn’t reactionary or a pollwatcher swinging in the wind; someone who is consistent! Who is that leader? Mike Huckabee! When Huckabee arrived, Arkansas was a corrupt state, with education, unemployment and infrastructure ranking among the lowest in the USA. He had a balanced budget every year he was governor, left his state millions in the black from being millions in the red when he took on the office and was named one of the top 5 Governors in the nation. By the end of his era, Arkansas proved to be a model for restoration: a booming economy, low unemployment, better schools (went from 48th to 9th place), higher incomes and a relatively low tax burden compared to many states. Huck’s track record in a state that was overwhelmingly democratic, shows that he has the ability to work with others who are diametrically opposed with him on most viewpoints and still get things accomplished; all without compromising his core principles!
    His leadership was proven in the wake of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster, where, not waiting for FEMA, he coordinated a state-wide relief effort, for the thousands of victims fleeing into Arkansas. Huck
    was the most consistent candidate in the 2008 race and will be again if he chooses to run. Millions nation wide now know and enthusiastically support Governor Huckabee as a very astute and respected leader and hope he will throw his hat into the ring in 2012.

  6. Peggy Bost Says:

    I think you, Ed Watkins, have pretty much summed it up correctly except that I disagree with you about Huckabee. I just hope you’re wrong about his chances being slim because of being a former paster. There are a many of us who think that’s a plus. I’m praying he will run! It will be interesting to see him in a debate with the Community Organizer. BTW, Romney reminds me of Ken, Barbie Doll’s boyfriend.

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