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The American Jobs Council: Political Fraud

by PV

Rumors have it that any time you hear that American Jobs Council President Cade Joiner is “not a politician, but just a businessman,” THAT statement will be an unmitigated lie.

Appearing last November on FOX News w/Chris Wallace, Joiner, a longtime Georgia Republican political insider, went on the air to rant about Obamacare under the auspice of simply “being a businessman.”

The hilarious part of his appearance was what MediaIte.com discovered afterwards: That Joiner, far from being “just a businessman,” had been quite the political activist in Georgia, from his days of introducing Ralph Reed while President of the Georgia College Republicans, to being the Bibb County leader of the grassroots team of Kemp for Secretary of State, and then a co-chair of Kemp’s finance committee.

Now, Obamacare sucks, that’s a fact.  BUT…you don’t argue against a piece of crap legislation by pretending to be someone you really are not.

You don’t say “I’m just a small businessman” when, in fact, your ply of trade is that of being deeply embedded in political business.  It does no one any good on your side in terms of convincing people that you have an honest, objective point of view when you are, in fact, found to not be all you say you are.  In short, you cannot fight dishonesty with dishonesty, and win.

What does all this have to do with anything in current-day politics in Georgia?  Plenty, actually.

Because it was Cade Joiner, with the “American Jobs Council” who called the Martha Zoller Radio Show a couple of weeks back to rant about State Rep. Sam Moore’s HB 1033.

And, it was Cade Joiner who states ON AIR that he is “not a politician, just a small business owner.”

Really, Cade?  What is your “small business?”  Is it doing something besides managing thousands of dollars of political PAC money that will be swapped in-and-out of all the following entities registered by Legal Counsel Bryan Tyson like American Jobs Council PAC, American Jobs Council Education Fund, Inc., American Jobs Council, and American Jobs Council Federal PAC?

As MediaIte.com states at the bottom of that article“There’s also no good reason to conceal Mr. Joiner’s political activism, unless the point is to make him seem dishonest upon its revelation.”

Cade Joiner’s comment on the Zoller show reminds us of a line from Beverly Hills Cop when Axel Foley, while operating undercover, remarks to the cigarette hustler “I’m just a businessman, I don’t know anything.”

At minimum, Cade Joiner was disingenuous about who he really was when on the Martha Zoller Show, and, at most (especially when combined with the FOX News piece from November 2013), nothing other than a political fraud.

So, Mr. Joiner…in your organization’s mailers that will be sent out against Sam Moore (of which we can predict there will be thousands of dollars of slush funds coming from somewhere, maybe even David Ralston’s government office’s budget, paying for all those mailers), if there is one untrue statement on those mailers about anything, it will just build on this case here that your organizations are, like you, nothing more than political frauds.

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