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The Biello Campaign: The Dirtiest of Dirty Rats

by Bill Simon


Let’s see, so far in this run-off for a Special Election for the HD 22 there have been the following incidents directly connected to the Meagan Biello Campaign:

1) A direct, economic threat made to a business who dared to have a pro-Sam Moore campaign sign in front of their location.

2) Four (4) separate emails written by a Cherokee County School District employee promoting the election of Meagan Biello, thus violating state laws (and, potentially, federal laws) that specifically prohibit the use of government resources in elections.

3) A candidate (Biello) refusing to file campaign disclosures as required by state law…thus hiding where she is getting her campaign money and how she is spending it.

4) At least one reported theft of a Sam Moore yard sign sitting on private property by two individuals associated with the Biello campaign.

5) Endorsement of Meagan Biello, who, herself, claims to be “the conservative candidate,” by the Chairwoman of the Cherokee County Democratic Party.

6) Falsehoods claimed by Biello about Sam Moore’s strong stances on the right to life in a mailpiece sent over the weekend.

So…let’s go over these incidents by the Dirty Rat Campaign:

Dirty Trick #1) Michael Sinco is a strong supporter of Biello (and may actually be her campaign manager…though, with a candidate who is deceptive in not filing required campaign disclosures, anything I claim here will be omitted on a campaign disclosure of any crooked candidate).

Sinco was so incensed about a business that hosted a pro-Sam Moore sign that he sought-out the website of that business owner and wrote this message to the business via their Contact Page: “I noticed that you had a Sam Moore sign in front of your store. As a supporter of Meagan Biello, I would find it hard to do business both now and in the future with a person who chose to support a fringe candidate in this election. I am not saying you need to place a Biello sign, but it does turn people off that you have a Moore sign. Just thought you might want to know.”

And, how do we know it was Michael Sinco? ‘Cause he was so brash as to put his name and his address in the Contact Info slots (click here for the message).

[Silly, silly socialist campaign worker…Apparently Sinco skipped the class that the trainers from the SEIU union taught on sending economic threats to businesses in campaigns…]

Dirty Trick #2) Barbara Jacoby identifies herself to be the Director of Public Information for the Cherokee County School District in 4 separate and distinct emails promoting Biello sent out to teachers, to administrators and who knows who else in the CCSD system in which she encourages people to go out and vote for “Creekview High School teacher Meagan Biello.”

You might wonder, “So what?” Well…there’s the tiniest of laws contained in O.C.G.A. that actually prohibits the use of resources by government agencies (which is specified to include a school district as per OCGA 21-5-30.2. Contributions by public agencies) for campaign purposes.

And, specifically, in this case, Jacoby violates OCGA 21-5-30.2(b) which states as follows: “No agency and no person acting on behalf of an agency shall make, directly or indirectly, any contribution to any campaign committee, political action committee, or political organization or to any candidate; but nothing in this Code section shall prohibit the furnishing of office space, facilities, equipment, goods, or services to a public officer for use by the public officer in such officer’s fulfillment of such office.”

Biello is not a “public officer,” she is merely a “candidate.” Jacoby, in publishing Biello’s name in every single one of the emails she sent out, violated this law each time in employing school board resources to help Biello by publishing her name, and stating she was a teacher in the CCSD system serves as using government resources for “campaigning” in the eyes of the law.

Here are copies of the 4 emails (for the ethics complaint(s) that should be filed against her and the

Jacoby Letter 1:January 07, 2014 10:33 AM

Jacoby Letter 2:January 07, 2014 10:36 AM

Jacoby Letter 3:January 08, 2014 11:57 AM

Jacoby Letter 4:January 15, 2014 10:15 AM

There’s also a federal law that Jacoby may have violated (and put herself and the CCSD in the crosshairs of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel: The Hatch Act. )

However, it is for certain that Jacoby has violated Georgia State Law that prohibits public agencies from helping with political campaigns. (Of course, it is likely that Dr. Frank Petruzielo approves of this type of use of his district’s resources…which goes along with the rumor that Biello’s campaign is actually being financed through the CCSD’s political slush fund set aside and controlled by Petruzielo for helping push teacher-union candidates and other political slugs who will seek the use of more tax dollars to steal to give to the CCSD to piss away.)

Dirty Trick #3) If you are a candidate running for office, and you cannot abide by the simple, pre-school requirements of running for office like filing campaign disclosures, why should anyone want to be represented by you?

Here are two PDF snapshots of the campaign disclosures that have been filed by Sam Moore and Meagan Biello as of this morning:

Sam Moore Contribution Disclosures

Meagan Biello Contribution Disclosures

You will note that Biello has filed only one disclosure vs. 4 disclosures by Sam Moore. Filing disclosures is not a “voluntary” act; they are requirements of state law.

Apparently, Biello has simply paid the fine associated with not filing disclosures, and may have no intention at all of ever filing disclosures.  (I wonder if that is on the advice of her political campaign consultants who are well aware of the fact that the “Ethics Commission” isn’t worth a crap as any kind of oversight agency, and the most crooked-minded people are actually in charge of it…and, nobody gives a crap about following laws?)

If Biello cannot follow campaign disclosure state laws, why would anyone want her to be put into a position of writing and voting on state laws?

Dirty Trick #4) A homeowner called the police after he saw two figures in his yard late at night, and they stole a Sam Moore sign placed there at his request. (More evidence that teacher-union thugs know only how to cheat to win…just like they cheat the children out of getting a quality education.)

Dirty Trick #5) To earn the endorsement of a Democrat, especially the Chair of the Cherokee County Democratic Women’s group, one wonders how much Meagan Biello sold her soul for, and for what price?

Here is a PDF snapshot of a page from Biello’s Facebook HD 22 Campaign Support Page.

Look at the upper-right of this PDF…see the name “Georgette Thaler” and see below that the description of who she is: “Works at Chairwoman Cherokee County Democrats.

Below her name is the person who invited her:  John Carter. Which tells me (and, should tell anyone else) that John Carter is also a Democrat who supports Biello.  Why do Democrats support “conservative” (sic) candidate Megan Biello?” (Hint: ‘Cause she’s not a conservative, and these Dems know the truth about her socialist predilections).

Below the revelation about Thaler’s support of Biello is a notation of when John Carter was added, and by whom: “Nate Cline, 3 months ago.”

So, that pretty much says that Nate Cline is also a Democrat who supports Biello, just like the Cherokee County chairwoman of the Democratic Party.

Sure glad to see Meagan Biello attract so many Democrats to support her; ’cause, we don’t have enough weak-minded, anti-Constitution representatives already in the State House, do we?

Dirty Trick #6) A mailpiece dropped into the district mailboxes on Saturday and today, paid for by the Meagan Biello campaign (though…we don’t know exactly how she was able to finance this since she has not filed disclosures since the first one).

The postcard depicts Biello as the “dreamy” candidate, and Sam Moore as the “evil” candidate. And, of course, it contains lies about Moore.

The most prominent lie is that Sam Moore is not pro-life, when, in fact, it states exactly what his position is on his Website, which has been in place since he first started running:


If you look down that link to here: “Pro-Life – The role of government is to protect Life, Liberty, and Freedom. Life begins at conception for not only humans, but any sexually reproducing organism. I will fight against laws that would increase the number of abortions in our state, and I will fight for laws that would decrease the number of abortions in our state.”

As for Biello’s claim that Moore “refused to sign the pledge to protect innocent human life” I believe that is a lie. It’s pretty clear what Moore believes about innocent life, and fighting for “laws that would decrease the number of abortions in our state” points directly to a pro-life stance.

It is very clear to anyone with half a brain that it requires someone of Biello’s character (sic) to resort to lies and fabrications about her opponent when she has ZERO integrity (or respect) for herself…along with being heavily supported by Democrats (golly…gee…I sure wonder who those campaign consultants are that took-on such a liberal candidate to try and shove into the State House like a Trojan Horse…can’t wait to see those campaign disclosures…)

For an unbiased view of Sam Moore, The Cherokee Tribune published an article on 1/31/2014 about Sam Moore: http://www.cherokeetribune.com/view/full_story/24497215/article-Moore-wants-to-limit-government-in-District-22?instance=home_top_bullets

So, let me end this post with a cite from Candidate Meagan Biello’s own Facebook page, posted on the afternoon of Sunday, February 2:

“It hasn’t always been easy. Our opponent has lied about me, threatened the jobs of my supporters, filed false complaints based on lies and used underhanded tactics to stop us. Despite all of the pettiness, I have remained committed to this campaign, to doing what’s right and to serving you in the State house. If you elect me, You have my word that I be a dependable conservative who will always do what’s right for our families.”

First off…for a teacher, she sure has a problem with basic writing skills…typical of Democrat “educators”: “…You have my word that I be a dependable…”   

But…grammatical errors aside, everything she claims that supposedly happened to her campaign actually happened to Sam Moore’s campaign by her campaign and her campaign’s supporters, as I have detailed above. (That’s like Obama blaming Congress for the state of the economy that is a result of his direct actions and wishes.)

If other CCSD employees have utilized county school district resources, either directly OR spent work-time helping Biello in her campaign, they should ALL be FIRED and lose their jobs, just like Barbara Jacoby should be fired.

Biello is nothing but another pissant liberal candidate, ready to do the bidding of Marxist-run teacher unions who don’t care about the quality of education being delivered to children, but only care about the number of teachers and administrators being employed.

By being supported by Democrats like the Cherokee County Women’s President (and other known Democrats), Meagan Biello is merely masking her true beliefs, and lying to anyone and everyone by claiming she is a “conservative.”

If you Republicans in Cherokee County want to go from being represented by Republican Calvin Hill to being represented by a fraudulent “conservative” (who is backed by anti-Judaeo-Christian values Teachers-Union liars and thugs), who will lie about anything and everything in order to get elected, then you’ll have no one else to blame but yourselves for listening and believing her liberal, Democrat-loving lies.

One Response to “The Biello Campaign: The Dirtiest of Dirty Rats”

  1. Jeff Dowdy Says:

    Thank you for that. I voted for Sam Moore. There was just something I could not actually put my finger on about the Biello character. I received four mailers from her in two days. I received one from Sam Moore last week. He even had someone come to my house as well. He explained himself rather well and not just some shiny picture on a mailer. I was wondering how she could afford all of those useless mailers. Now I know.

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