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The Georgia Gestapo In Action

by PV

Georgia: Ground Zero for The Rise of The Police State

Rumors have it that if you engage in an activity of pointing out the truth about someone who is an elected member of the State Legislature, the elected politician will, if he/she is crooked enough, contact his favorite state law enforcement agency of choice…and get that agency to send actual police goons (“LEOs” = Law Enforcement Officers) to your door to threaten you with arrest if you continue to engage in such activities.

What Activity? Handing out this printed flyer in HD 116

Who is the Corrupt State Legislator? State Rep. Terry England (R-116)

What Georgia law enforcement agency was involved in political intimidation? The Georgia State Patrol (aka GeStaPo)

What the hell is going on? Good question, and this is the story: About 11:00 AM on Friday March 11, two armed officers of the Georgia State Patrol knocked on the door of the head of Refugee Resettlement Relief, based in Georgia. One identified himself to be a highway patrolman who worked for the “Colonel of the State Patrol”, and the other man identified himself to be an investigator with the GSP.

The LEOs proceeded to tell the man that (this is close to the exact quote by the LEOs): “We investigate campaign financing and handle Capitol security—part of that job is protecting elected officials. Someone is going around the district of State Rep. Terry England and handing out this flyer. Is this yours?”

To which the man with Refugee Resettlement Relief responded “Yes, that is mine and that is what I am handing out.”

The two LEOs proceeded to tell the man that his language on the flyer was…let’s get as close to the exact quote as possible here…“offensive and dangerous.”

Dangerous, according to the LEOs, because of the fact that the flyer had Terry England’s district address on it, AND the flyer invited people that if they were upset with the information on the flyer, they should go knock on his door and tell him what they thought of him as their State Rep. This is the language the two LEOs of the Georgia State Police stated were “offensive and dangerous:”

“Call Terry England and tell him to stop throwing your money away. State Capitol office 404-463-2247 Auburn office 770-867-1601. Home at 770-867-8096, or better still, go see him at 1060 Old Hog Mountain Rd. Auburn, Ga. 30011 and tell him what you think of him.”

The two LEOs told the man to either stop handing out the flyer, or to remove that last line, or they would arrest him if he continued to hand it out with that address on it.

As an aside, the address in question of England’s has a business sign outside of it advertising his company called Pete’s Enterprises, a business engaged in “Antique Farm Equipment Restoration/Consulting Services/Farming.

…so, he actually has a business of some sort where he engages with the public via the address at 1060 Old Hog Mountain Road.

NOW…let’s take a bit of a pause as we all revisit now the original language of HB 370 that passed the State House that the Vine and other grassroots activists were concerned with earlier this session. Some of you might recall this edition of the PV when we first informed you of it.

In the original version of the bill that 166 members of the House voted to pass, there was wording in there that required anyone who was communicating in an election by distributing “Printed materials that exceed 1,000 copies” had to register themselves as a campaign committee and disclose their financing.

David Ralston is on record as claiming he believes all the “dark money” should be revealed and people should not be able to engage in anonymous, free speech.

Well…this incident last Friday morning reveals the true purpose of Ralston’s intent with the original HB 370: Speaker Ralston and the 6 co-sponsors of HB 370 (Terry England, Barry Fleming, David Wilkerson, Virgil Fludd, Alan Powell, and Jay Powell)…and every House Member who voted in favor of HB 370 intend, at some point, to use that information, not to “expose dark money sources” BUT to be able to tap their pals in ANY law enforcement agency they want to to send LEOs to harass, intimidate, and potentially falsely arrest and worse.

NOW we bring-in to the discussion the contents and true intent of HB 941. The intent is clearer now than ever before. It is not, as Rich Golick flippantly claimed in the House Committee meeting back on February 18, 2016 that “We can’t worry about the unintended consequences of this bill.”

Right, Rich. You’re not going to “worry” about the “unintended consequences” of LEOs knocking on the doors of political enemies and engaging in harassment, intimidation, and potential use of deadly force while the LEO is carrying out a “campaign disclosure check” and kills some member of the Legislature’s political opponent because that is exactly what you and Pak and Atwood and Abrams intended to have happen to start with!

Terry England acted too far ahead to spill the beans on the planned combination of HB 370 and HB 941…England thought HB 370 had passed and been signed into law so he told his pal(s) at the Georgia State Patrol that they could claim they were on a “campaign disclosure check” when they knocked on the grassroots activist’s door to tell him his flyer contained “dangerous and offensive language.”

How much do you want to bet that Terry England was hoping that the LEOs would find some reason to engage in deadly force against his political enemy and just kill him, and the LEOs would then be protected by DA Danny Porter?

The intent of HB 941 is to make Georgia a total “killing field” for LEOs to kill anyone they f*cking want to OR at the behest of any Elected Official to use against their political enemies…and the LEOs will all be protected by their allies at P.A.C., as well as by the legislation in HB 941 to restrict the natural constitutional powers of the Grand Jury.

By the way, this is a basic definition of a Police State:

“Police state is a term denoting a government that exercises power arbitrarily through the power of the police force…The inhabitants of a police state may experience restrictions on their mobility, or on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.”

Golly….how many times have we said that HB 941 is against the Georgia Constitution…and granting LEOs the privileges contained in HB 941 would, essentially, create a “secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state”?

This is no longer a hypothetical situation regarding elected officials abusing their position by employing their “secret police pals” to violate someone’s Constitutional Rights. Terry England has engaged and proven his true, authoritarian belief that HE is God and anyone who dare oppose him shall have the secret police sent after them to shut them up.

Clearly, there are laws being broken by the Georgia State Patrol to dispatch two armed officers to the home of a political activist. This cannot be adequately investigated by ANY Georgia-based agency (way too much corruption at the top). The FBI should initiate an investigation at the collusion and collaboration of Rep Terry England and whoever is involved in the chain of command at the Georgia State Patrol to approve of the sending of armed LEOs to harass and intimidate a political adversary.

OH…the status of HB 370 is unknown at the moment. The offending section dealing with disclosing a person’s expenditures if they are engaging in electioneering has been struck from the bill, and the bill was passed by the State Senate. However, because it has changed, it may have to go thru a Conference Committee on or near Sine Die.

PV’s advice to the Senators on that committee is to ensure the rat-finks in the House are not allowed to put that stupid language back in at all…or else, more of the state’s citizens will likely have more incidents of LEOs knocking on their door at the behest of stupid, crooked elected members of the Legislature like Terry England.

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