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The MacGinnitie Campaign Continues To Show How Classless It Is

by PV

Rumors have it that at a recent fundraiser for Brian Kemp held in Athens, the Doug MacGinnitie campaign hired a photographer to stand across the street from the house where the fundraiser was being held, and just take pictures one-by-one as fundraiser attendees (some of them with their children in tow) drove-up and got out of their cars to enter the fundraiser.

At one point, the photographer decided it would be a good idea to cross the street and walk onto the actual private property of the place where the fundraiser was being held. At that point, the property owner promptly approached the photographer and told him to get off the property or he would get him arrested for trespassing. The photographer wisely departed, camera and pictures still in hand.

PV’s Analysis: Really, now, Doug? Are you and your campaign manager Brandon Phillips now taking the tact of snapping photos of fundraiser attendees…some of whom bring their whole family? For what inane purpose do you have? Are you going to post them all on the Web in some kind of collage now? Or, are you developing an “enemies list” in case you (cough!-cough!) win and you’re going to track these attendees down and extort them?

Seriously. WTF is up with taking pictures of the attendees to fundraisers your opposition holds? What are you doing with all those pictures…?

One Response to “The MacGinnitie Campaign Continues To Show How Classless It Is”

  1. Donna Locke Says:

    Trackers are common. I don’t understand the surprise. Some elements of this particular situation are out of bounds, but the attempt is not surprising and is even usual. I know many politicians with photos at the ready of folks at opponents’ events. Some of those folks may show up at a later date with requests for favors/endorsements, and out come the photos.

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