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The Right to A Private Ballot

by Bill Simon

Let’s Clear The Air On This One Issue

I’ve received some emails in the past few weeks from some people who claim that Tricia Pridemore is against having a secret (or “private ballot”) held at the State Convention in Macon in the election for state party chair.

Since I know differently about this one issue, I will stand in defense of Tricia and her recorded statement during a debate in March held at the Collins Hill High School in Gwinnett County.

During this one hour debate, moderator Jim Galloway asked a question of all three candidates regarding the proposal for a secret ballot to be the method by which the vote is taken. And, in their recorded answers, Sue Everhart went first, Tricia went 2nd, and Shawn Hanley went 3rd, and all 3 candidates stated they desired a secret ballot for various, sound reasons.

This is a link to the audio segment of this particular segment of that debate: http://www.politicalvine.com/2011gop/GaGOPSecretBallot.wav

And, I’m pretty sure Governor Nathan Deal, who, when he was a Congressman, strenuously opposed the efforts by the Democrats to take away the right of union members to vote via secret ballot, would also wish to have the same rights afforded Republicans in this state to maintain their right to privacy to a secret ballot when they cast votes for state party chair, 1st vice-chair, and whatever other party position races will be contested in Macon.

So, unless Tricia or Shawn or Sue turnaround and flip-flop on this issue, from this point forward, we, as delegates and/or alternates, should abide by the wishes of all three candidates for chairman to hold a secret ballot where everyone gets to choose a candidate in their own mind.

Is this settled now? I hope so.

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