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The State Senate of Georgia: Overdosing on the Stupid Pills

by Bill Simon

Rumors have it that the Georgia State Senate is set to pass a bill that will turnover thousands of years of societal and legal precedent in this country (if not, perhaps, the entire world and/or universe) that will officially award “person” status to the species of animal known as the canine.

State Senator Jeff Mullis (R) is the lead sponsor on this bill, and his fellow senator sponsors include:

(2nd Sponsor) Harper, Tyler 7th (Republican)
(3rd Sponsor) Watson, Ben 1st (Republican)
(4th Sponsor) Albers, John 56th (Republican)
(5th Sponsor) Seay, Valencia 34th (Democrat)
(6th Sponsor) Jones II, Harold 22nd (Democrat)

The bill is Senate Bill 72, which specifies that anyone responsible for killing a police dog can be charged with murder. Don’t believe me? Here, you go read the online text version: http://www.legis.ga.gov/legislation/en-US/Display/20152016/SB/72

And, the PDF version (in case that online version magically disappears)

Here is one such example (Lines 32-34):

“A person commits the offense of murder in the second degree when such person causes the death of a police dog irrespective of malice while such police dog is in the performance of its duties.”

Do you know what the longstanding definition of “murder” is? It is the unlawful killing of a human being. Period. It is not the “killing” that constitutes a murderous act, but the unlawful killing of a human being is where “murder” is a crime.

In Georgia law, OCGA 16-5-1 defines murder as: “A person commits the offense of murder when he unlawfully and with malice aforethought, either express or implied, causes the death of another human being.” Human. Being.

There is already existing law that punishes people for acts taken against a police dog or a police horse that is involved in official duties. SB 72 refers to OCGA 16-11-107 that already lays-out punishment for “destroying or injuring” a police dog or horse. And, it’s already a felony. On. The. Georgia. Books.

But, these state senators (whom I think I can safely refer to them as people who have lost their freaking minds, a/k/a “whackjobs”) are of the belief that they, as legislators, should bring the same level of significance of life that a dog has to the level that the human race currently maintains.

Now, just to be clear….I love dogs. Always have. Had dogs growing-up, and had one dog that passed away in 2010. I’m not anti-dog.

And, if I still had a dog, and both Jeff Mullis and my dog were drowning, and I could only save one of them, it’d be my dog that got saved. (And, if I could save both of them, I’d go look for another dog to save…).

I love dogs. And, I’m sure police officers love their police dogs, and refer and think of them as their “working partner” and all that. But, dogs are trained by humans to be effective police tools, much like a police car, a radar-detection gun, a gun, or whatever. They are not human beings, and do not deserve human status anymore than a car driven by a police officer deserves human status.

David Hooks got mowed-down by crooked Georgia sheriff deputies executing a search warrant based on the word of a thief who had robbed Hooks two days before, and the deputies did not bother checking out anything before busting in the door, shooting Hooks….and neither they nor the GBI could find any drugs claimed by the thief to be in the house.

For the past 4 some-odd months, the DA down in Dublin has been scratching his rear-end and twiddling his thumbs on it because, well, you know, crooked DAs gotta stick together with crooked sheriffs when they demonstrate, at the very minimum, their incompetence in carrying out their duties.

State Senators, why don’t you OUTLAW the unlawful killing of human beings like David Hooks by law enforcement officers abusing them?

You can refer to the following section of the Georgia Constitution if you’d care to start passing laws that protect your constituents from the same bullcrap that David Hooks suffered and the baby in Habersham County, and the litany of abuse that Georgia “Law” Enforcement officers up and down this state inflict on people every single day:

“Article I, Section I, Paragraph XVII. Bail; fines; punishment; arrest, abuse of prisoners. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted; nor shall any person be abused in being arrested, while under arrest, or in prison.

The killing of David Hooks constitutes unconstitutional abuse. The killing of a police dog, while being an unfortunate and sorrowful event, does not constitute “abuse” under the Georgia Constitution. Nor does the dog have any enumerated Constitutional rights.

You six senators should resign, effective immediately. You’ve lost your sanity. No one can or should trust you to represent them.

And, if you don’t resign, no worries. Someone a lot smarter than you (granted, you 6 have set the bar pretty low now) will run against you, and kick your stupid, insane ass out of office for writing a law that actually gives human status to dogs. Kudos on that.

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