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The strange case of George Chidi…

by Bill Simon

I’m not exactly sure how to explain who George Chidi is…so, I’ll just point to his self-written bio from the blog site PeachPundit.Slime for the “clean version” of him and I will summarize that by telling you this: He is a dyed-in-the-wool Progressive and is exceptional at hiding his true nature from most people.

My first introduction to him was via a 15-hour debate on Facebook about 12-16 months ago where he pretty much told me he thought all wealth should be shared and re-distributed to anyone who needs it, regardless of whether or not they bother to earn it.

He has an odd mind-block on this conversation we had because he continually denies that it happened. I may forget faces at times, I may forget names at times…but, I don’t forget such unique names like “George Chidi,” especially when they are attached to the Progressive/Communist mind of the true George Chidi.

In any case, this discussion is not about me and George Chidi, but about George Chidi and Tom Owens. Because, a couple of weeks back, on September 18th, there was a candidate forum in the St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall in Tucker, Georgia. This meeting was, I believe, the first time Tom Owens had ever met George Chidi.

At this forum, in the “Meet n’ Greet” portion before the forum of the candidates started, Chidi introduced himself to Owens by telling him point-blank “I am going to destroy you.” Yeah. That’s how Chidi introduced himself to Tom Owens. By promising to “destroy him” in this race for DeKalb County Commissioner.

Now, setting aside, for a moment, Chidi’s words, my mind is focused, not on Chidi’s words, but why would a Democrat-Progressive/Communist care anything about this particular DeKalb Commission District (District #1) because it is a solid Republican district.

And, then I got to thinking further. George Chidi blogs on PeachPundit.Slime. Mike Hassinger, a political consultant, also blogs on PeachPundit.Slime. Mike Hassinger supports Wendy Butler, another DeKalb Commissioner candidate in this race.

I would guess Todd Rehm is, again, helping Nancy Jester. (I stopped reading his daily crap…is there a Jester ad in it?) At one time, Todd Rehm blogged on PP.Slime, and likely knows Chidi because, well, quite frankly, Todd Rehm’s political mind is SO ******-up, that I can actually envision those two minds melding together quite well.

So, my guess is that several “Republicans (sic)” have filled Chidi’s mind with all sorts of crap about Tom Owens, and Chidi has volunteered to be the foil against Tom Owens on behalf of his Progressive Republican pals.

Back to Chidi’s promise/threat to Tom Owens to “destroy” him. My advice to Mr. Chidi is to make sure that he digs two political graves, one for Tom, and one for himself. That, or make sure he has a nice, sharp petard to hoist himself onto…

If you are a voter in DeKalb County Commission District 1, take a look at Tom Owens’ Website to get a feel for him (see below). I like Tom a lot because he’s a straight-shooter and highly ethical. And, I am not consulting on his campaign at all…I just like to see good people get into office, and he’s been trying to get better government going in DeKalb for several years.


And…as for George Chidi? Stay tuned… 🙂

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