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The Truth About The Census, & Your Rights

by Bill Simon

GREAT Video! About 5 minutes of your time:

7 Responses to “The Truth About The Census, & Your Rights”

  1. Blaine Says:

    This guy is an idiot. Census takers aren’t government officials looking to screw you over. They are normal people who either need jobs or want to help out. Being uncooperative and a jerk to them is just rude and stupid. That’s like yelling at the gas station attendant because gas prices are too high.

  2. sheila Says:

    Blaine, No one said anything about being rude or stupid to the census taker…just to allow us (the citizens)to follow the Rights and protection the US Constitution allows. Why is it wrong to ask for constitutional reason?
    I do agree no one should be rude but that also means we can politely choose to just give a number….

  3. sari Says:

    I agree with Sheila, this does not mean we need to rude or act stupid when the census people arrive or require information. In fact, the census is taking advantage of their “governmental” power by telling us that we are required to give them this information when in fact we do not. So if we are informed of our rights, this helps us to better deal with anyone that asks us or requires us to give them personal information if we don’t want to. If the government does not have a right to ask this information…no one off the streets does.

    I thank God for information like this, it reminds us that we do have rights and the government is trying to strip them away from us…even if it’s covert.

  4. Richard Says:

    I am currently a Census Enumerator in Georgia and I cannot agree with these claims. First of all, if I had to ask the income, source of income, and price of insurance…..etc. I would never had taken this job in the first place. The only question that is even close to these subjects is if the homeowner owns the house with a mortgage or loan. That is all. The other questions are Age, race, and if the people listed stay there most of the time.

  5. Edwin Gravitt Says:

    I find Mr. Day’s video to be most accurate and informative. I have not even received a census form or a letter from them, as many people have, and here it is well past the time for us to send them in. So, if the census taker comes and I open the door, I will be very nice, but only give information regarding the number of people living in my household. It’s really very simple. Government is not authorized to require any further information than that.

  6. Ed Beebe Says:

    I am an enumerator and have encountered this response from some people. It is unfortunate that there is not a better understanding of constitutional structure by citizens (should still teach civics in schools). If so, they would realize that the constitution that they cite for the right to limit the information given also provides a method to enact constitutionally legal laws, and the decision on constitutionality rests with the U.S. Supreme Court. Since they did not rule the current Title 13 Census law unconstitutional, it is law and people are obliged to comply when census workers knock on their door, and the majority of people do comply.

    Any other interpretation is incorrect, and Mr. May is indeed an idiot.

  7. Edwin Gravitt Says:

    Sorry, but the SCOTUS is not authorized, by the Constitution to interpret it, only to apply it according to its original intent. Hint: The federalist and anti-federalist make that very clear. The U.S. Constitution is Our Constitution which places strict limitations on the federal government, which includes the SCOTUS.

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