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Todd Rehm gives lessons on how to be Mark Rountree

by PV

Rumors have it that over the weekend at an event in which Nancy Jester, candidate for State School Superintendent was appearing, Jester’s paid political consultant (i.e., Todd Rehm) decided he would channel Mark Rountree in an encounter with political activist Joe Newton.

PV ‘Splains Things: In order to understand Saturday’s situation, you have to know about a teeny-tiny, almost obscure, event that happened back during an election primary between Lorraine Greene and Charlie Bannister for Gwinnett County Commission Chair.

Greene was Mark Rountree’s candidate. Joe Newton opposed Lorraine Greene for chair, and did so by creating his own t-shirt that stated something to the effect of “Lorraine Greene is [whatever]”. Whatever it was, it was his right to oppose Lorraine Greene, and to buy a shirt expressing his sentiment.

Well, Newton wore his shirt at some event in which Rountree attended, and when Rountree saw the shirt Joe Newton was wearing, Rountree points his finger at Newton and said “THAT shirt is illegal because you don’t disclose who paid for it.”

Yeah, well, it turns out this was right after the law in Georgia got repealed that required any kind of “Paid for by” statement…and, even if Rountree had gotten his best buddies over at the Gwinnett DA’s or the Solicitor’s offices to charge Newton with violating some disclosure law that Rountree thought applied, the DA and/or Solicitor would have found themselves on the losing end of this silly little part of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights concerning “free speech.”

SO, now that you know the back story about Rountree, you will understand what we’re referring to about “Todd Rehm giving lessons on how to be Mark Rountree” as it pertains to last Saturday’s event.

Nancy Jester was speaking at some location last Saturday. Joe Newton and a friend of his were outside the venue handing-out copies of this flier.

At some point the police were called by pro-Jester people (who, if they could have, would tear-up the Bill of Rights for anyone except their supporters) to try and stop Newton from exercising his right to express his free speech.

At some point Rehm confronted Newton by sticking his face within inches of Newton’s face and accusing Newton of “stalking female candidates.”

Despite all of Todd Rehm’s best efforts in the matter, the police did not arrest Joe Newton, nor do they charge him with anything, as he broke no law (much to the chagrin, we’re sure, of Todd Rehm, who has a propensity to not give a sh*t about silly things like ‘laws’ and ‘rules’, the U.S. Constitution, and, well…anything that NORMAL people might care about). After all, he’s a *Political Consultant* who thinks he knows everything.

What’s really too bad about this incident is that at NO TIME did Mr. Rehm or Ms. Jester attempt to deny the statements written on Newton’s flyer. Apparently, they must be 100% factual, because, when you cannot argue the facts, it is SOP to try and kill the messenger.

So, since there are 9 candidates running for state school superintendent’s race, we will apply the Georgia Tech Rule of what happens when you have too many choices on a test: You whittle-down the possible choices. So, by process of elimination, we eliminate Nancy Jester. NOT because of the moves of a douchebag of a political consultant, but because apparently she is what Newton claims her to be: A liberal, not any kind of conservative.

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