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Toxic Lobbyist Ralph Reed & Karen Handel

by PV

Rumors have it that the World Famous Toxic Lobbyist Himself Ralph Reed has been making calls on behalf of his pick for Governor, Karen Handel.

PV received confirmation of this via e-mail from one of Ralph’s former top lieutenants in the Christian Coalition. Ralph has been burning-up the phone lines calling his entire list of Christian activists to get them onboard the Handel campaign.

Why would he be doing this? Because he’s trying to worm himself back-in to be a player in Georgia GOP politics ever since his defeat in the 2006 GOP primary against Casey Cagle.

PV’s Response: Wow. Ralph Reed. The KING of unethical behavior in the political business. Recall if you will, Jack Abramoff (now serving time somewhere for “gimme-five” schemes galore), and all that e-mail evidence linking Ralph to all sides of a deal to either get paid to promote the granting of licenses for Indian casinos in several states, or get paid to fight them under the auspice of being “anti-gambling” and working with churches.

Yeah. And Handel is pounding a podium somewhere in Georgia touting her “ethics.” Something slimey this way slithers…and it bears the name Ralph Reed for Karen Handel. Not good for Georgia on ANY day.

What kind of deal has been cut there??? One can only tighten the gut to keep from throwing-up at merely the thought of Ralphie’s brand of deal-making with Handel.

One Response to “Toxic Lobbyist Ralph Reed & Karen Handel”

  1. Donna Locke Says:

    “Something slimey this way slithers.”

    Excellent. Totally agree.

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