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Track Record for Competent Georgia Republican Attorney Generals is 0 to 2

by PV

Rumors have it that the Georgia State Attorney General’s Office is too incompetent to act as State Defense Counsel for Secretary of State Brian Kemp and Kennesaw State University in the civil lawsuit that challenged the results of the 6th District Congressional Race earlier in 2017.

Within four days of that lawsuit being filed, the voter records server holding that info was “wiped clean” and the AG’s office claimed information on it was all gone.

This is the headline and lede from a late-breaking story from today’s Fulton County Daily Report: “Georgia Attorney General Quits Defense in Server Wiping Case…Secretary of State Brian Kemp released a statement Wednesday saying the law firm of former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes will represent Kemp and other state election officials.”

PV is Astounded: Wow…our State AG’s office must be the most incompetent public law firm in the country. That, or, it was the AG’s office who advised Kennesaw State University personnel to wipe the server clean after the lawsuit because, hey, why not? After all, all communication between the State AG’s office and the Secretary of State/Kennesaw State University is held in confidence under “attorney-client privilege.”

Yes, “privilege” to lie, cheat, and steal, all under the auspice of being a sovereign entity that spends whatever money it wants to defend criminal behavior (Hey, Georgia State Supreme Court? Thanks so much for making our state the most corrupt in the US by allowing our state agencies to engage in criminal behavior, but declare they are exempt from prosecution due to “sovereign immunity,” you bunch of dumbasses).

PV wonders if it was Chris Carr himself who advised the deletion of the server information…? If so, the Georgia State AG is both incompetent AND corrupt.

Or, Carr and every lawyer in the Department of Law is just garden-variety incompetent because now the State of Georgia has to hire an ex-Governor’s law firm to handle the defense??? Pardon PV, but WHAT-THE-F*CK???

BY THE WAY, IF Democrat Ken Hodges wants to run for AG in 2018, PV will back him because all the “Republican Attorney Generals” (i.e., Sam Olens and Chris Carr) have demonstrated themselves to be COMPLETELY incompetent in the job!!!

PV P.S.: Say, Goobernor Nathan Deal? STELLAR job you did there in appointing someone who had ZERO competence in actually practicing law.

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