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What Next Is Going To Come Out Tricia Pridemore’s Bag of Tricks?

by PV

Rumor has it that though Sue Everhart‘s name was printed on the program of last week’s “Celebrate Georgia/Governor’s Ball” event, Sue was, in fact, not sent an invitation.

This is what PV knows: We know Sue was NOT sent an invitation because she told us that she never received the invite. Had she been invited, she would have attended as that is one of the chief roles of being chairman of the party: You go to events when you are invited and there is no pre-existing conflict at the same time.

Since we did not attend the May 2 event, we do not know what was printed in the program, but Sue has heard from at least one person that her name was printed in the program for the night. This is the “rumor” part of this post.

The fact part of this post is that Tricia Pridemore is clearly an immature, classless woman to have taken Sue’s name off the invitation list even though had the event not gotten snowed-out on January 10th, Sue would have attended that inaugural.

Tricia Pridemore has about as much class as a tree frog. It doesn’t matter how much money someone has…they can neither buy class nor borrow it. You either have it or you don’t. And, Pridemore clearly is nothing but low-class to not invite the Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party to this type of event.

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