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When making deals with devils, remember, the only “good” devils are deviled eggs (and Devil’s Food cake)

by PV

Rumors have it that at a specially-called teleconference meeting scheduled to be held tomorrow afternoon (Friday, September 5 at 4:30 PM) by The Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission (f/k/a as the State Ethics Commission), the Commission will be entertaining a motion to axe Executive Secretary Holly LaBerge in order to clear the “political cluster-storm” enveloping both the Governor and the Attorney General of Georgia.

PV Sez: If we’re wrong, we’re wrong, but we received an inside tip so strong that we felt the need to inform you.

This is a PDF copy of the email sent-out this afternoon by the Ethics Commission, and here is the Agenda:

Meeting Called to Order
Comments by the Commission
Executive Session :
a. Pending Litigation
b. Personnel
Return to Open Session
Adjournment of Meeting

It is the “Personnel” section that says to us that something pretty serious is going to happen.

LaBerge was already targeted by the Governor’s office…recall, she released the two-page memo right after some kind of communication was going on regarding her position. The Governor’s peeps could not get rid of her then.

But…add-in the recent decision from Judge Glanville, not only fining her $10,000 (for, essentially, listening and following orders from the AG’s attorney telling her to keep the 2-page memo out of the discovery process from Stacy Kalberman’s attorney, Kim Worth), and then Glanville ripping her apart in public, calling her “dishonest,” and, therein presenting a perfect excuse to get the “independent” (sic) State Ethics Commission to fire her, and clean-up the image of both the Governor and the AG in one fell swoop of “Hey, it wasn’t us that fired her…it was the independent (sic) members of the Ethics Commission. Don’t blame us.”

Other “signals” regarding how this email was sent out also give a little hint as to what the plan is. Notice that the meeting is to be held at 4:30 PM on a Friday afternoon. Have a tele-conference meeting at 4:30 PM…it’ll last about 20 minutes (if that), LaBerge will be fired, and security will have already been called and waiting to escort her out the door by 5:00 PM on Friday. Clean as a whistle. Everyone washes their hands of it, done deal.

PV Offers This Analysis: It has been said frequently that there is a “War on Women.” Lately, the Left-Wing Media has ramped-up their attacks on the GOP with accusations of all kinds.

Yesterday afternoon, Nydia Tisdale appeared on MSNBC’s Ed Show at the invitation and request of the scheduler for The Ed Show...and when she was given the opportunity to rip into the GOP, at the prompting of Ed who gave her a loaded question, Tisdale did not blame the GOP or the candidates present at Burt’s Pumpkin Farm.

She pointed fingers at overzealous staffers (namely, this jackass named Clint Bearden).

NOW, if she was a “Democrat operative” as a lot of the GOP morons in this state have claimed she is, why did she not take FULL advantage of that moment when Ed asked her the perfect question designed for that?

ANSWER: She is not a “Democrat operative.” Those who say that in the Ga GOP are pathological liars. All she was interested in doing was filming speeches, and uploading them for others to see who were not at the event.

However…when PV takes into account the following three women, a potential pattern of another sort (besides the simple concept of ‘war on women’) appears to form: Stacy Kalberman, Nydia Tisdale, Holly LaBerge.

All three of these women were subjected to…abuse...by power-hungry people, either directly, or via orders from someone else. For Kalberman and LaBerge (whether we’re right about tomorrow’s Ethics Commission meeting or not, a lot of blame has been laid against LaBerge by both the Governor’s people and the AG’s people), it has been via their work for the “Ethics (sic) Commission.”

Tisdale was abused both physically and emotionally.

To classify all these acts in terms of a “war” on a gender is, PV believes, a misnomer that does not identify the true issue…and if you never identify the true issue, then you can never solve the problem.

PV believes that the issue is one of “political bullying” (much like any other kind of bullying) by people who thrive on controlling other people, and when those “other people” refuse to be controlled, the bullies seek any means necessary to destroy them. And, anyone perceived to be weak and vulnerable is targeted first, whether they are female or male.

That it happens to turn-out to be women more often than men is not a matter of ‘gender-preference,’ but that women, in general, are perceived to be weaker, and subjected to bullying by political psychopaths far easier than men are.

As but one example to demonstrate that that “political bullying” happens to males as well, recall the attack orchestrated by Speaker David Ralston in the State House this past February against State Representative Sam Moore. Ralston perceived Moore to be a threat, and sought to destroy him by employing a method that had NEVER been done in the history of the Ga State House…not even by any Democrats (people some of us Republicans thought were the psychopaths until we now see what true psychopaths in the Republican Party act like).

As just a weird coincidence, Clint Bearden is a former law partner of David Ralston’s. We wonder where Bearden learned how to be a bully…?

************ UPDATE **********************************************

At the continuation of last Friday’s State Ethics Commission Meeting (discussed above), held on Monday morning, 9/8/2014, Holly LaBerge was, in fact, fired, as predicted by this publication in our Special Alert issued late Thursday evening of 9/4/2014.

************ UPDATE **********************************************

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