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Who is Clint Bearden? He is a Georgia Political Scumbag.

by PV

Clint Bearden is receiving this distinction of being a scumbag due to his involvement and instigation of the series of events that led-up to the physical attack on Citizen Videographer Nydia Tisdale by Dawson County Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Wooten, who may, himself, have not been operating lawfully himself.

This is a link to the story in which Clint Bearden is a part of.

Below is a picture from the August 23rd GOP Rally at Burt’s Pumpkin Farm of Clint Bearden, holding the mic as master of ceremonies…looking straight at the video-camera Nydia Tisdale is holding, quietly, and in plain view, filming him:

Photo by Nydia Tisdale

Video-Cap Photo by Nydia Tisdale of AboutForsyth.net

Below is a Snapshot of what Dawsonville political POS Clint Bearden’s website looked like approximately 4 days agobefore he took it down and replaced it with whatever currently resides on his site ClintBearden.com. He took it down to cover-up the fact that he is law partners with David E. Ralston, who is under investigation for violating several serious sections of the Code of Ethics of the Georgia State Bar.

Below this graphic is the text from that website, and the formatting will be fixed over time.


The Text from his old site:

Clint Bearden —- Attorney with the Law Office of David E. Ralston —– Serving Blue Ridge, Ellijay, Jasper, Dawsonville, Blairsville, Hiawassee, Dahlonega and the North Georgia Area.

Clint Bearden's Bio:

Clint Bearden is an attorney in Blue Ridge, Georgia, where he works with Georgia House Speaker David E. Ralston in a general legal practice. Bearden is a native resident of Dawson County, Georgia, where he and his wife, Jamey Bearden, and their two sons currently reside.

Clint Bearden holds a Bachelor’s Degree (A.B. Political Science, magna cum laude, 2005) from the University of Georgia and his Juris Doctorate (J.D., Law, 2008) from the University of Georgia School of Law. During his undergraduate studies at UGA, Bearden was a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and interned for two legislative sessions with the Georgia State Senate, as well as for US Congressman Nathan Deal in Deal’s Washington, D.C. office. At UGA Law, Bearden interned for the Honorable Jason Deal, Superior Court Judge of the Northeastern Judicial Circuit serving Dawson and Hall counties, and was involved in the UGA Law Dean’s Ambassador’s program, as well as The Federalist Society. Upon being admitted to the practice of law, Bearden worked as an associate attorney with the law firm of Boling Rice, LLC in Cumming, Georgia. In June, 2010, Clint Bearden joined the Law Offices of David E. Ralston where he currently practices.

Clint Bearden is a member of the Georgia Bar Association, American Bar Association and the Appalachian Judicial Circuit Bar Association.

In addition to his legal practice, Bearden currently serves on a number of boards of local government and civic organizations. Clint Bearden is an appointed board member to the Dawson County Development Authority, and has previously served as a member of the Dawson County Library Board of Trustees. Bearden was also appointed by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal to serve as a board member to the Lake Lanier Islands Development Authority in January, 2013, where he currently serves as the Vice-Chairman. Bearden presently serves as legal counsel and board member to the Len Foote Hike Inn in Dawson County, as well as to Kare for Kids, Inc., a local 501(c)(3) non-profit in Dawsonville, Georgia. He is a Co-Chairman of the Georgia Bar Association’s Young Lawyer’s Division Legislative Affairs Committee for 2013-2014.

Clint Bearden is the immediate past-Chairman of the Dawson County Republican Party, and has also served a as a member of the Georgia Republican Party State Committee and the GA GOP 9th Congressional District Commitee. Likewise, Bearden served as an original member of US Congressman Tom Graves’ economic/business advisory council, serving the Congressman and the 9th Congressional District of Georgia.

Bearden is an alumni of the Georgia Bar Association’s Young Lawyer’s Division Leadership Academy (Class of 2013). He is a graduate of Leadership Dawson (2011), the Georgia Academy of Economic Development Leadership (2011) and Republican Leadership for Georgia (2011) programs.

Clint Bearden's Experience:

  • Attorney at Law Office of Speaker David Ralston

    General Litigation Attorney

  • Vice Chairman at Lake Lanier Islands Development Authority

    Vice Chairman and Appointed Member by Governor Nathan Deal to Lake Lanier Islands Development Authority Board of Directors

  • Co-Chairperson, Legislative Affairs Committee at Georgia Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division

    Serve as Co-Chairperson of the Georgia Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division Legislative Affairs Committee for 2013-2014.

  • Attorney at Boling Rice LLC

    Summer Associate 2005-2007
    Attorney 2008-Present

  • Judicial Intern at Northeastern Judicial Circuit (GA)

    Legal Intern in the Office of Judge Jason Deal, Superior Court Judge in Georgia’s Northeastern Judicial Circuit (Hall County & Dawson County) – Fall Semester 2006 & Spring Semester 2008

  • Legislative Aide at Georgia General Assembly

    Intern to State Senator Bill Stephens, 2004 Legislative Session

    Aide to State Senator Chip Rogers, 2005 Legislative Session

  • Intern at United States House of Representatives

    Intern for Congressman Nathan Deal (GA – 9)

Clint Bearden's Education:

  • University of Georgia School of Law

    Juris Doctorate
    Activities: UGA Law Dean’s Ambassador, The Federalist Society, UGA Double Dawg Society
  • The University of Georgia

    Bachelor of Arts
    Concentration: Political Science
    Activities: Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, UGA College Republicans

Clint Bearden's Interests & Activities:

Politics, Travel, American History, Reading, Enjoying the Great Outdoors

11 Responses to “Who is Clint Bearden? He is a Georgia Political Scumbag.”

  1. JLW Says:

    The code section for criminal trespass is 16-7-21 O.C.G.A., and under this code section the owner or an authorized person has the lawful authority to eject someone from a property.

    The state courts have upheld conditional criminal trespass warnings such as someone being allowed on the property but said person is not allowed to take video on the property.

    Failure to leave when told to do so by a property owner or their authorized representative is a crime.

    in this instance, the owner of the property has stated to media outlets that the woman was told she could stay but not video. She refused to stop videoing. The property owner then said she had to go. She refused.

    Captain Wooten was lawful in his actions.

  2. Bill Simon Says:

    Appreciate very much your post about OCGA.

    And, while that is all fine and dandy about what the law says, the truth remains that the property owner just singled her out…because Brian Pritchard of the FetchYourNews.com Website was there still recording.

    And, it does not, however, discount that fact that Clint Bearden IS a scumbag POS to have only chosen her to pick on. THAT isn’t going to play well in HIS political future…one in which he envisions winning political office.

  3. SpaceyG on Twitter Says:

    I can’t believe anyone would put that they worked for Chip Rogers on their CV. Talk about dubious judgement!

  4. Sue Deaunym Says:

    Clint appears to be quite a piece of- uh. . . work. In the picture from his website, he looks like an adolescent “Young Republican” (known for their bull-headed misanthropy and arrogance). In the video at Burts, he looks more like a giant pumpkin himself, having obviously put on a great many pounds. He’ll be fun to watch over the next few decades.

  5. Bill Simon Says:

    Now, Sue? I was a Young Republican once…and I was not misanthropic (which is an amazingly overused word by the Left), nor was I arrogant.

    Everything else you say about Bearden, I have no quarrel with. 🙂

  6. Sue Deaunym Says:


    >Captain Wooten was lawful in his actions.

    Perhaps, if this makes it to court (with Wooten of course, as defendant). But it is obvious to anyone with any sense that Wooten was WRONG, as were Bearden, Hudgens and the Burts. Just ask Olens (GOP Attorney General: “not a good move”) and Umberger (the GOP Chairperson: “This is wrong!”)

    It is damaging to the GOP, in Dawson County, in Georgia, perhaps across the US. Those who want to make this about private property rights and trespassing/resisting arrest are clueless! This exemplifies the mean-spirited misogyny and arrogant assumptions of entitlement of far too many conservatives in this country, and it is another case of police irresponsibility and excessiveness. GOP War-on-Women, Police-Militarization, 1% Arrogance and Out-Of-Touch issues all in one nasty incident!

    I suspect that as long as Wooten goes unarrested, and online wingnut idiots try to justify her malicious treatment, the outrage at conservative insensitivity and malevolence will grow. . .

  7. Sue Deaunym Says:


    > I was a Young Republican once…and I was not misanthropic (which is an amazingly overused word by the Left), nor was I arrogant.

    Delighted to hear it! (Are you no longer young, no longer Republican, or are you neither?) Indeed, I did not claim that ALL Young Republicans had such character flaws; I stated that they are:

    > known for their bull-headed misanthropy and arrogance)

    which is admittedly a glaring stereotype on my part. Then again, all the Young Republicans I knew in boarding school (early 70s) met that stereotype, and delighted in concocting fantastic stereotypes of their own.

  8. Georgia Republicans Caught On Camera Manhandling Woman for Videotaping Public Event | Americans Against the Tea Party Says:

    […] that Clint Bearden — a GOP mover and shaker and lawyer whose law firm partner is currently under investigation for unethical conduct — confronted Tisdale and asked her to turn off the camera. Tisdale refused, and Brian […]

  9. tom Says:

    animal in a suit. I hope that innocent young lady and her attorney use every legal means, including the governor as a witness, to get the justice she deserves. I can’t see an owner signing a waiver that you can look but can’t record. shame on the owner also, thats not an open forum. how can you expect young people that experience seeing the cowardly and elusive programs republicans use, want to be like that.

  10. Brad Owens Says:

    My email to the Sheriff of Dawson County;

    Dear Sheriff,

    I watched the video of your deputy arresting a reporter, Ms. Tisdale, I must say that as a 23 year veteran of the U.S. Army with multiple tours
    overseas to defend the U.S. Constitution that I am appalled you would treat citizens in this manner and violate the 1st Amendment.

    This has gone viral all over the U.S.A. and thank you for such a fine example of Nazi thuggery in my home state of Georgia.

    You are a disgrace to the badge you wear and a traitor to the Constitution you have sworn to uphold if you do not fire the deputy that was acting in YOUR name.

    This is America, not ISIS controlled Iraq, why don’t you start acting like it.


    Bradley E. Owens

    P.S. Bob Bolz should be disciplined as well for fielding such poorly trained idiots.

  11. Brad Owens Says:

    By the way, here is his email. Let him know what you think about his wiping his ass with the Bill of Rights.


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