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Who is Paying George Chidi to Hound Tom Owens?

by Bill Simon

I think this is a valid question to ask. Because, according to DeKalb County Superior Court records, Mr. Chidi has had a FiFa Lien filed against his home as of August 1, 2014 for non-payment of what appears to be a Capital One Bank credit card balance outstanding of $5390.81.

So, whether Mr. Chidi claims himself to be a blogger, a journalist, a reporter, or a city councilman…one should ask “WHAT are you (Mr. Chidi) doing to financially survive AND seek money to pay-off your credit-card debt?”

Did that 5-page piece Chidi so proudly posted on PeachPundit.com garner Chidi some payola? Has Charlie Harper started paying bloggers to blog on that site?

Is Mike Hassinger, who is consulting for Wendy Butler (another female in the DeKalb Commission race) paying Chidi off-book for Chidi to harangue Tom Owens?

Is Todd Rehm, the unbalanced political consultant for Nancy Jester, paying Chidi off/on-book to inviscerate Tom Owens to put him down?

Is Senator Fran Millar financing Chidi on the side? Is State Rep. Michael Jacobs financing George Chidi’s endeavors? Is State Rep. Tom Taylor paying George Chidi with campaign funds to act like an attack dog against Tom Owens?

WHY would someone in the financial dire straits that George Chidi is in spend A LOT of his time doing what he’s doing, and not get paid for it? How irresponsible would that be for a person to spend his time engaged in political crap and NOT get paid when he has a FiFa on his home, a large credit-card bill, and living expenses to deal with on an ongoing basis?

So, again, I ask, who is financing George Chidi’s activities and what is that person’s stake in the outcome of this race? Inquiring minds should start asking those questions directly of Mr. Chidi the next time he shows his face at any political event.

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