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Why Charlie Harper (“Icarus”) is a Moron – Part 1

by Bill Simon

There’s a story posted on the PeachPundit.com blog regarding John Oxendine. The author of it is “Icarus”, whose real name is Charlie Harper (no, not the TV character, a real person).

Within the story, Harper weaves a little bit of fact with a lot of conjecture and innuendo directed at innocent bystanders. In one of his paragraphs, he writes:

Behind the scenes, some are getting nervous about the reflection on the Republican party as a whole, and it was under this guise that Matt Towery called Congressman Westmoreland last week emphatically telling him he had to drop his claims against Oxendine. Towery documented the number of politicians connected with SEUS and numerous claims were made about the issue taking the whole party down. For the good of the party, Lynn needed to stand down.

AND, then, there’s this paragraph in which Harper decides he has the right to malign as many people as possible in his usual attempt to paint a broad brush of, well, dare I say it: “Karen-Handel-esque” verbiage (which is quite suitable since Icarus is a devout Handel supporter):

The question remains as to why Towery allowed himself to be dragged into the middle of this. He generally is considered to be a bright man, and understands that Ox is on the verge of toxic. So why was Towery calling a Congressman who gave exactly one interview on this topic weeks ago asking him to stand down? Why was this call made with Oxendine present?

I guess if I was being asked these questions, I would add Dick Pettys’ name to a story I wrote claiming I had a bad head injury too.

There are several FACTS that I know of here that Harper neither knows, nor cares that he doesn’t know (which is worse than merely “not knowing”):

1) Matt Towery does have a head injury as described by this article on the Insider Advantage (“IA”) Website. He is recovering from a concussion brought about by a fall from the onset of vertigo that was triggered in the flight he had just taken.

2) The story was put out a few weeks after his fall because rumors were swirling at the Gold Dome that Towery was at death’s door and they decided to write the story before the AJC wrote the story. And, point of fact, Towery was very close to death at a time shortly after his fall. Contrary to Harper’s innuendo, the story was not published to “cover-up” any of Towery’s actions with regards to Congressman Lynn Westmoreland.

3) Matt Towery is an attorney with McKenna, Long

4) Matt Towery was in Oxendine’s office on behalf of a client (I am not going to release the name of that client as it doesn’t appear to be public info at the moment. It isn’t germane to the facts of this story, and unlike Charlie Harper, I do not think it is anyone else’s business who a lawyer has as a client.)

5) While Towery was in Oxendine’s office, Oxendine was ranting and raving about Westmoreland, and since he could not get Oxendine to chill-out and focus on his client’s matter, Towery did place a call to Westmoreland (someone he has known and been friends with since they were both young lads).

I do not know the contents of that call (and, neither does Charlie Harper, despite what Westmoreland or whoever his “sources” may have claimed to him), but the call was not made, as Charlie Harper claimed it was, under any “guise” of the “old Republican guard” being onboard the Ox’s campaign.

Now, I realize Harper hates Oxendine. But, for that hate to creep in the direction of maligning everyone who is known to be in the vicinity of Oxendine is a pathetic excuse for someone who tries to paint himself as a “blogger of integrity.”

In the last paragraph I excerpted from Harper’s post, Harper slams Dick Pettys, a well-respected journalist who has been around Georgia for…what?…20+ years? (Good one, Charlie. Way to…demonstrate just how much of a freaking moron you are.)

Now…to be clear, I am neither defending John Oxendine here, nor attempting to malign Lynn Westmoreland in this ongoing drama of Gubernatorial Candidate vs. Gubernatorial Candidate’s Supporter. The fact is, I do not know what the truth is between these two. And, neither does Harper.

But, one person I do know is Matt Towery. And, I personally know him to be a man of great integrity. I didn’t always know him this way. In my younger days, I was kind of like Little Charlie Harper and just dissed the crap out of Towery because of what “other people claimed” he was like. Well…I discovered I was wrong about Matt when I had the opportunity to get to know him several years ago. I discovered I had been an idiot for a number of years based on certain people lying to me (and some of those folks apparently have discovered Icarus to be a useful channel for their current lies).

Shortly after this encounter with Ox and Westmoreland, Towery recused himself from representing his client and other lawyers with McKenna, Long will handle the matter.

Matt told me personally that he has no ill will towards Harper for the story he wrote, but he would like it if Harper and the PeachPundit folks kept his name out of any future stories they write about Ox or anyone else for that matter.

So, Towery is an innocent bystander in this story. As is Dick Pettys. As is Tom Baxter. And, whether Charlie Harper believes in the “surrealness” of the IA story about Towery’s head injury, and the number of big-name politicians (and a former football coach of some dinky college in northeast Georgia that uses the colors of red and black) who have come to his aid in this matter, it is not important that Harper be “satisfied” with whether it is a believable story.

From my perspective, dare anyone ask how long has Mr. Harper been around, exactly? Two years, three years, maybe? Who the eff is Charlie Harper? Wow, a blog poster? Wow! All Republicans must gather around and worship and follow the Pied Piper of Georgia, eh?

Of course, it doesn’t matter that he actually hasn’t been around and accomplished anything of any signficance in this state.

Talk about “dumbing-down” the party, one only needs to look at Charlie Harper (the perfect useful idiot) and the handful of characters who apparently believe everything he says: That is, the folks who follow the useful idiots who cannot, themselves, think on their own in politics.

8 Responses to “Why Charlie Harper (“Icarus”) is a Moron – Part 1”

  1. JT Says:

    Towery may not be part of this story, but that IA article is nuts all on it’s own. Pettys drops no less than 19 names as those intervening in some way in the injury incident. Everyone from Vince Dooley to Thurbert Baker to Zell Miller.

    Why would IA care whether the AJC reports the story first? Is there some negative aspect of the injury story that needed to be spun? The IA story certainly doesn’t address the bizarre phone call to Westmoreland at all, so that can’t be it.

    And now a new mystery: Why in the world would Towery feel he needed to dump the client he was representing when he made the call to Westmoreland? What does one have to do with the other?

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  2. Bill Simon Says:

    As far as the IA story goes, I presume the reason Pettys exposed the name list is because those are the people who actually did call on Matt to see how he was doing. It was Vince Dooley who had come by to take Matt to lunch who recognized that Matt likely had had a concussion (one eye was greatly larger than the other, and being a football coach, Dooley recognized the symptoms).

    To the Westmoreland call question, I am fairly certain as to why he made the call, but because I do not wish to get Matt in potential trouble with his employer, I am not going to discuss why.

    To your last question, Matt realized after-the-fact that he could be putting his other business in huge jeopardy (i.e., Insider Advantage and his polling company) to remain as the lead lawyer involved in his client’s case in which Oxendine’s insurance commissioner’s office was involved with. Matt is a pollster and is running the polls for governor and every other big race. To remain involved between Ox and Nathan Deal would not look good. So, he recused himself.

    Now, I know this won’t satisfy you or Harper or any other number of nobodies in the world, but the simple fact is this: You (and Charlie Harper and others) don’t (or, can’t, apparently) accomplish enough in your own lives. So to make-up for that, you seek to screw around and poke your nose into other people’s lives to bring them down to your level.

  3. JT Says:

    Hey, I like a good mystery as much as the next guy!

    I didn’t write the IA story with the over-the-top name dropping, and I didn’t write that IA felt they needed to get in front of this story for some (unknown) reason. And I didn’t connect his recusal from his law client with the Westmoreland call. You did.

    Y’all seem as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

  4. Donna Locke Says:

    It all reminds me of the lyrics to “White Liar.”

    “You better be careful what you say / It never really added up anyway …”

  5. Bill Greene Says:

    Come on, Bill – We’re anxiously awaiting Parts 2 through 7,593! 🙂

  6. Donna Locke Says:

    I still don’t know all the facts of this weird if somewhat familiar situation, which contains more intertwined interests than the macrame I used to do, but I am here to say I can definitely attest that Charlie Harper (Icarus) is a jerk.

    He has tried to ban me over at Peach Pundit, but I have beaten him to it and banned myself. So there. I now have more time to do backup sangin’ in Nashville.

  7. Bill Simon Says:

    Donna, Donna, Donna…Peach Pundit is a lot like any stuck-up country club: You have to pledge your allegiance to commenting on what THEY want you to comment and if you stray too far off the path and show independence, Chuckie-Poo (Charlie Harper) bats you down.

  8. Bil Greene Says:

    You forgot one more thing, Bill: Charlicarus gets to stray off the path and threadjack whenever he wants, and if you challenge him on it, you get banned.

    Of course, anyone who reads most of what Charlie Harper writes already recognizes that he’s quite the moron.

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