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Why Fran Millar Should Resign Immediately

by PV

Paul Maner Press Release

For Immediate Release

Revelations in Recent DeKalb Corruption Report Prompt call for State Senator Fran Millar’s Resignation

“The corruption report by former Georgia Attorney General Michael Bowers clearly demonstrates DeKalb County’s government is “Rotten to the Core.” The report, prepared by Bowers and his investigating partner, Richard Hyde, reveal a government best characterized as a kleptocracy, where spending and stealing, both legal and illegal, is out of control.” stated Paul Maner candidate for the State Senate seat held by Fran Millar.

“The report states the thievery has been going on for years, unchecked by any oversight, State or Federal. The abuse of Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) is rampant with purchases for Karaoke, Spa Treatments and Cigars being charged to the taxpayers.” added Maner. “It is a felony for a state employee to misuse a P-Card and in his 16 years in the State Senate, Millar has failed to pass legislation that would make it illegal for county or municipal employees to do the same.”

“Millar, despite his position as a committee chairman, has failed to provide leadership in attacking the corruption that has bedeviled DeKalb’s government. His failure to act is the type of indifferent negligence that has allowed a culture of corruption to thrive in DeKalb’s government.” added Maner.

“I applaud the report. Mike Bowers has the kind of uncompromising integrity that makes everyone sit up and take notice when he points a finger. And what a finger; from Lee May to the featherbedding sanitation department to sweetheart contracts and good ‘ole boy backroom deals, the stealing banquet is served every day in DeKalb.” continued Maner.

“Millar has sat back and watched this happen; never condemning, never critiquing, never complaining and never stepping forward to pass the legislation necessary to address the problem. Closing his eyes to the mess in the county commission is not mere negligence, it is complicity. I call for his immediate resignation.” concluded Maner.

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