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Wonder If Peake Wears Those Mirrored Sunglasses Too…?

by PV

Rumors have it that one of the Republican State House Members is seeking to single-handedly assert himself as the Walking Boss of the House. It would certainly seem so when one looks at the activities of one State Representative Allen Peake (R-137), who just happens to also serve as the House Majority Caucus Secretary/Treasurer.

Many of you know that the Representative for HD 136, Tony Sellier, passed away on December 1. This opened his seat up for a Special Election to be held on February 15th. Three people qualified for the election, two Republicans and one Democrat. The two Republicans are Robert Dickey and Judye Sellier, widow of Tony Sellier. Both qualified on the same day, December 15.

On December 15th, at 11:08 AM, House Majority Caucus Secretary/Treasurer Allen Peake sent an e-mail out to his compadres in the House Majority Caucus, imploring them to contribute money to Judye Sellier.

Now, it would be one thing if all Peake did was send-out the e-mail, talking about the qualifications of Judye Sellier and asking people to donate. But, he didn’t do that. No, he opened his mouth, and stuck a foot (or two) into it when he included the statement that Robert Dickey “voted Democrat in half of the last 16 primaries.

PV Calls Foul on Peake: Oh, so, Robert Dickey voted “Democrat in half of the last 16 primaries,” eh? Tell us, Mr. Peake, in how many of the last 16 primaries did recent party switcher Ellis Black vote Democrat? How about Amy Carter? How about Doug McKillip? Mike Cheokas? Gerald Greene? Bubber Epps? Alan Powell? How about Bob Hanner? Did you check the Democrat-voting records of these folks before you welcomed them into the GOP fold with open arms?

AND, the voting records of the 8 party-switchers & Mr. Dickey aside, how many Democrat primaries did your candidate, Judye Sellier, vote in? Allow us to share that record with you since you appear to have a foot in your mouth and cannot talk very clearly. Out of the last 10 primaries, Ms. Sellier voted Democrat in 6 of them:

1998-Dem Primary
2000-Dem Presidential Pref Primary
2000-Dem Primary
2002-Dem Primary
2004-Dem Presidential Pref Primary
2004-Dem Primary

So, Mr. Peake, it appears that your candidate has a 6 out of 10 record of voting the horrible “D-Ticket” in Georgia. And, yet, you just bother to point out Dickey’s record without acknowledging Judye Sellier’s record as well. Care to make a guess as to what we call people like you who do things like this?

On top of the hypocrisy of Peake’s omission of Sellier’s true voting record, he sent the e-mail using his personal account…and, went to the trouble of stating in the body of the e-mail that he was not “asking as an officer of the Caucus”…however, he signed the e-mail verbatim as:

Allen Peake
House Majority Caucus Secretary/Treasurer
State Representative, District 137

PV Looks At The Recent Disclosures for HD 136: Dickey reported raising a total of $39,050, $25,000 of which includes a personal loan. In looking at his contributors, it looks like he raised $14,050 from 25 different entities and individuals that appear to be primarily friends, business associates, and neighbors of Dickey.

Sellier raised a total of $12,175, with no personal loans, from 24 entities and individuals…16 of whom are elected officials or recent candidates and who do NOT, apparently, live in the district (and, if they do live in this district, perhaps they should not be representing their districts).

These 16 apparently went ga-ga over Peake’s ‘I’m-not-writing-to-you-as-the-Majority-House-Caucus-Secretary/Treasurer-even-though-I-made-darned-sure-I-signed-it-that-way-so-everyone-would-know-exactly-who-I-am’ letter and opened-up their campaign wallets to pour money into Sellier’s 60-40-Voting-Democrat-record campaign account.

The point here is that it appears that this is a contest, NOT between Robert Dickey and Judye Sellier, but between who Peake and some other members of the House GOP Caucus have decided THEY want to be elected (and who they can, therefore, control), and what, perhaps, the 136th House District actually wants and needs to represent them in the Legislature.

Because, PV will tell ya…if the reason why all these GOP House Members gave money to Sellier is because Dickey voted in 8 of the last 16 Democrat primaries (which is misleading on its face, in addition to the convenient detail of Sellier having similar skeletons in her voting closet), then we are not going to have a representative government worth a pigeon dropping when it is clear that there isn’t a whole lot of independent thinking going on with all these contributions by a bunch of House Majority Caucus Secretary/Treasurer Peake’s lemmings.

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