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Henry County: The Dirtiest Politics in Georgia

by Bill Simon

“No Bill”

Do you know what the legal term No Bill means?

No Bill is a legal term associated with a grand jury’s determination  that communicates several messages, not the least of which is “There is no evidence to support a prosecution of this person for what she is accused of doing.”

No Bill was the result handed down December 12, 2013 by the Henry County Grand Jury that heard the charges and evidence leveled against Sahar Hekmati.  (Here is a link to the recent CBS Atlanta News Story on it)

No Bill means the jury thought the case claimed by the police officer was a crock of crap.  No Bill means that, at minimum, someone lied to the cops about Sahar.

And, why would they do that? Well..because there was a 4-way mayoral race going on for the City of Stockbridge at the time.  A very heated race (yeah, I know, what political race isn’t heated?).

And, the campaigns who opposed Mayor Mark Alarcon for his reelection knew Sahar was a friend of his.  And, they took an opportunity of happenstance to fabricate a story about her to communicate to a Stockbridge police detective to get her to arrest her and make Mayor Alarcon gain a lot of negative press by association.  Mark Alrcon did lose his race for reelection.

Now…in order to get a clue that something is way off-base on this entire incident, there were conflicting stories broadcast by two local media outlets at the time.  The first story is this link below to FOX 5:

Fox 5 Atlanta’s story link

In this FOX 5 story, there is this part of the story that you should take note of for the moment: “Holiday said she learned of the interference from the real code enforcement officer…'[The code enforcement officer] came out to do an investigation. She gave them her ID and let them know that it was not her that removed those signs,’ Holiday said.”

There was a story broadcast by CBS Atlanta News that had a different twist to the incident involving the removal of campaign signs in front of a Mexican restaurant.

Here’s the link to the current version of that story on CBS Atlanta News.

I advise you to watch the video instead of reading the story (because the write-up has been revised to not match the video), and at the approximate 1:10 time mark, the witness at the Mexican restaurant states “a blonde woman came along here and removed all the signs…”

Hm. A “blonde woman?” Sahar Hekmati, for the record, is a dark-haired woman.  VERY dark-haired.   (And, no, David Staples, she does not wear a blonde wig as you proposed here.)

But…do you know who just happens to be “blonde?” The Stockbridge Code Compliance Officer. I confirmed this myself when I called the City of Stockbridge last Friday (January 10, 2014)…and was told the code compliance officer has “dirty-blonde” hair (at least she has that right now…because, after this story gets published, I suspect she will change her hair color to avoid any kind of probe in what she did or did not say to Vanessa Holiday, and what she did or did not do with regards to taking campaign signs down from the Mexican restaurant, as the employee in the CBS-Atlanta story stated on camera that a “blonde woman” was the one who took down campaign signs).

There is another character that is not mentioned as part of this story, but who is intricately involved in this matter: Lee Stuart, the former mayor of Stockbridge, who was accused of multiple ethical violations back in late 2012 for 7 violations of the Stockbridge City Charter, state, and federal laws…and subsequently kicked-out as mayor by a vote of the city council (as detailed in this article).

Recently, Vanessa Holiday proudly told Sahar that “Lee Stuart was the one who told me you pulled-up my signs” [in front of the Mexican restaurant].

And, in a recent meeting of the City of Stockbridge city council, Lee Stuart was there with Ali Gelineau by his side, and when he saw Sahar at the council meeting, he remarked directly to her “You just wait until you see what we have next for you, Sahar.”  And, Ali just smiled and laughed at Stuart’s statement.

For those of you who have no idea who Ali Gelineau is, she is actually the one responsible for a lot of the bullshit claims about Sahar.  And, back in April of 2012, I issued a Vine where I detailed the incident between Ali and Sahar.

And, because of the piles of bullshit claims from ALL kinds of people about who Sahar is, and what she has supposedly done, I recently posted that story from the 2012 Vine onto my PV Website here:
Henry County GOP vs. Sahar Hekmati: The Background Story

If all you have personally ever heard about Sahar is what OTHER people say, then I advise you to read it…because it details (with documented evidence) the litany of false claims made about Sahar, and provides you with the evidence of why Ali hates Sahar, and why she lies about Sahar to everyone she meets.

With regard to Lee Stuart, and why he would fabricate a lie to Vanessa Holiday, the fact is that Stuart was kicked-out of office, and then-city-council member Mark Alarcon was one of the people who voted to kick him out.

So, Lee Stuart did not want Mark Alarcon to get elected mayor, and would do anything to prevent that, including being part of a conspiracy to lie about Sahar and throw her in jail as a pawn to use against Alarcon.

Would you like to know what kind of a dirtbag Lee Stuart is?  Besides getting tossed-out for ethical violations?

Here are just a few stories, including one in which he pled “nolo contendere” in Fulton County Superior Court on a misdemeanor count of Unprofessional Conduct by a Public Officer, and ordered by Judge Craig Schwall to pay a $1000 fine, and $5000 restitution to Fulton County.

And, then there’s this story where Stuart was accused of trying to run down his former girlfriend.

And…then here’s an interesting story from December 11, 2012 regarding the actual vote to kick him out of office.

In that story, if you read it, there’s this interesting quote made by Sahar who was asked for her input in the proceedings:

“I don’t agree with a lot of what he’s done but it shouldn’t be up to the council who is also accusing him (of the charges to remove him). They can’t be judge and jury,” said resident Sahar Hekmati, 13th District Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

Doesn’t look like she hated Stuart back then…but, Stuart has certainly now earned her as an enemy, both by lying to Holiday about Sahar, and as quoted above, threatening Sahar withwait until you see what we do next to you, Sahar.”

Oh…one other thing about former Mayor Lee Stuart which has direct relevance to this matter:  On Stuart’s mayoral campaign, there were these three very familiar Henry County Republican Party names involved in his campaign: Vicki Temple, Eleanor Smith, and Ali Gelineau. I’ve already mentioned Gelineau above.

Why should these other two names be familiar? Because Vicki Temple and Eleanor Smith are two of the people currently being sued by Sahar Helmati for defamation.

So, there is an intricate political connection between women like Vicki Temple, Ali Gelineau, Eleanor Smith and Lee Stuart and Vanessa Holiday (Vanessa Holiday was the City Clerk when Stuart was mayor, and when he got kicked out of office, she lost her job as city clerk…so, she didn’t like Alarcon either, and was running against him with Stuart’s assistance, and destroying anyone connected with Alarcon was just fine with her…so, falsifying evidence to have Sahar charged with a felony is apparently A-OK with scumbags like Stuart and Holiday).

I mentioned “an opportunity of happenstance” in the 6th paragraph of this story.  This is that happenstance:  Sometime in late September 2013, Sahar visited a nail salon with one of her friends.  When she walked into the salon, she noticed a campaign poster hanging at an angle on the window, about to fall off.  She called to the owner of the salon who was in the back dealing with a client’s nails, and stated something on the order of this:  “Hey, this sign is about to fall off, do you want me to fix it while I am up here?”

And the owner responded “No, just please take it down, and put it back here, and I will put it back up later.”

THAT was the extent of anything Sahar did or said with regards to “campaign signs.”  The poster she took down from the window at the behest of the nail salon owner happened to be one of Vanessa Holiday’s.  There happened to be someone in the store who was a supporter of Holiday’s.  That person, whoever she is, appears to be one of the people who falsely claimed to the police that “Sahar said she was a code compliance officer and the nail salon owner could get fined $500, and blah-blah-blah…”  THIS.  DID.  NOT. HAPPEN.


Someone lied, and caused hell to come into Sahar’s life.  She was brutally arrested by a Henry County deputy sheriff, and thrown down to the ground in front of her children.  By the way, the arresting officer did not inform her of why she was being arrested (how classy of the Henry County Sheriff’s Department…when is that sheriff up for reelection?).

Someone should personally pay for those lies that caused her to be falsely arrested, falsely charged, and having to deal with the expense of having to hire a defense attorney, and worrying about her loss of freedom.  Someone will, eventually pay.  Several people may, in fact…and it will likely cost them a whole lot more than they ever bargained for.

 Hat Tip to Andre Walker of
GeorgiaUnfiltered.com who has been keeping-up with Sahar’s case, and first reported the fact that the charges were dismissed due to the grand jury finding No Bill in the evidence.

SPECIAL NOTE 2:  A 1000 kicks to the teeth of the blog PeachPundit.com who was so proud to post the original story about Sahar’s arrest, and allowed all the jackals to post in response to the stories.

Well, there is a solid rumor now circulating amongst several Atlanta-area news reporters that the U.S. Justice Department has its eye on some bloggers on PeachPundit.com who have, apparently, been engaging in racketeering with political candidates via “negotiations” like the following:  “Hey, hire me as a consultant or else I will make sure you go down in flames with the stories we will write about you on PeachPundit.com.”

And of this sort:  “Pay me $1000 and I won’t write anything bad about you.”

Well, interestingly enough, there is a case ongoing now in the Tampa-St. Pete area in Florida involving a political blogger accused of doing similar types of threats and “business negotiations.” You can read about that here:  Cash for Coverage.

That Florida blogger has quite the interesting business model of trading campaign ads for “not writing bad press”…and other means of generating revenue.

Rest assured, PeachPundit.com bloggers...if any story hits the news about any of you, I’ll be happy to repay the favor you all so richly paid Sahar. That’s a solemn promise. 🙂

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