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Cobb County SPLOST Action Alert!

PV, August 10th, 2014


August 8, 2014

Cobb County Taxpayers Association
3704 Tate Place
Austell, GA 30106

CONTACT: Lance Lamberton
(404) 925-8960


AUSTELL, Georgia – The Cobb Taxpayers Association (CTA) announced today that it will host its first organizational meeting to defeat the 2016 SPLOST which will be on this coming November 4th, 2014 General Election ballot for voter approval. The meeting will take place from 11 am to 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at the East Cobb Library, located at 4880 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta, GA 30068. Its purpose is to raise voter awareness of the upcoming vote to re-impose a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) on Cobb County residents and consumers. CTA has taken a position against the SPLOST and this meeting will serve as its launch for running a grassroots campaign to defeat it.

“A continuation of this tax, which is fraught with waste and open-ended items which would give the County a blank check to spend taxpayer money in whatever ways they see fit, is the wrong prescription for Cobb County,” said Lance Lamberton, President and founder of CTA. “On the contrary, the best approach towards economic recovery is to reduce the tax burden so that individuals and businesses will have more money to save, spend and invest in the private sector.”

If the measure is defeated, Cobb County’s sales tax would decline to 5%, making it the lowest sales tax in the region. Most counties in the Atlanta metro area have a sales tax rate of 7%. “This significantly reduced tax rate would be a boon to Cobb County residents and businesses, saving consumers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over a six year period,” Lamberton said.

The meeting will consist of a Power Point presentation where CTA will make its case for the measure’s defeat, followed by providing attendees with ways that they can get involved in the campaign. The media and general public are cordially invited.

Representing hundreds of taxpayers throughout Cobb County, CTA was formed in 2005 to oppose passage of that year’s SPLOST, and has since been active in opposing subsequent SPLOSTS, including the 2012 Transportation SPLOST. It also supported passage of the Charter School Amendment, and is working for passage of a fractional SPLOST and other measures to reduce taxes, spending, and provide a more equitable and efficient tax system for all Georgians.

Under the organization’s by-laws that were adopted by its five member board in 2013, CTA was established to: Organize and inform voters of the benefits and advantages of reducing and/or limiting taxes and government spending; Inform the public about current issues and engage them in grass-roots activities designed to achieve the above-stated objective; Advocate and promote private sector solutions to public policy issues; Work constructively with elected officials to oppose or support legislation, ordinances and measures which support a more limited, transparent, and accountable government on the local, county and state level; and Focus only on taxation and government spending issues and engage its activities only to those which are directly related to the above-stated objectives.

For more information about CTA, go to: www.cobbtaxpayer.com# # #

David Perdue: Are you operating a money laundromat?

Bill Simon, July 17th, 2014

According to the expense transaction records (an “expense transaction” being any data entry for a payment to an entity) for the David Perdue Campaign for U.S. Senate filed with the FEC (FEC.Gov), the Perdue campaign has spent a grand total of $254,132 for ‘Website, Internet services, and ads.’

I downloaded the data and converted it to an easy-to-refer to PDF report, available here. For 98% of you, it’s pretty boring to read…which is why I am going to cut directly to what I consider to be the more questionable expenses.

Turn to Page 3 of 4 on that PDF I referenced above…and look down to the bottom two transactions shown: One is $20,000 in “IN-KIND INTERNET CONSULTING” paid on 9/30/2013 to Blake Perdue….and then a 2nd payment of another $20,000 also paid to David A. Perdue (i.e., the candidate).

I thought David Perdue was a “businessman” who was CEO of Reebok, Dollar General, etc.? When did he become qualified to perform $20,000 worth of “Internet Consulting?”
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Mississippi US Senator Thad Cochran’s Campaign Bought Votes in the Run-off

PV, July 1st, 2014

“It is illegal under several provisions of Mississippi law and federal law for campaign officials to bribe voters with cash and punishable up to five years in jail. (MS Code 97-13-1; MS Code 97-13-3 (2013) (Federal Code 18 U.S.C. 597, U.S.C. 1973i(c)) Voter fraud schemes are not unusual for Mississippi. In 1999 Mississippi’s attorney general reported massive voter fraud allegations throughout the Magnolia state. In 2011, a Mississippi NAACP leader was sent to prison for voter fraud, according to the Daily Caller.

It would seem that laws were broken here, too. At the direction of the Cochran campaign, Reverend Fielder went “door to door, different places, mostly impoverished neighborhoods, to the housing authorities and stuff like that,” telling fellow blacks that McDaniel was a racist and promising them $15 per vote. “They sold me on the fact that he was a racist and that the right thing to do was to keep him out of office,” Fielder says.

Text messages released to Got News and a recorded interview with Reverend Fielder confirmed that Saleem Baird, a staffer with the Cochran campaign and current legislative aide to U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, and Cochran campaign manager, Kirk Sims, were involved in a $15-per-vote cash bribery scheme to target members of the black community.”

Read the whole story here: GotNews.com

    David Perdue: A Democrat in Conservative Clothing

    Bill Simon, June 30th, 2014

    Sometimes, I can analyze and interpret facts, situations, and people as clearly as they are presented. Sometimes, though, it takes my brain a really long time to synthesize all the info and figure out what is wrong with a situation, or a person. Perhaps, maybe in the nick of time, I have finally figured-out what is wrong with the candidacy of U.S. Senate Candidate David Perdue (“DP”).

    Before we get to DP, let’s take a walk back down Memory Lane to remind ourselves of who Sonny Perdue was/is (“SP”).

    Until sometime in 1999, SP was a Democratic state senator, the President Pro Tem of the Democratic-run/owned senate chamber. Republicans had been a slowly growing party in Georgia for a number of decades, but had not yet reached critical mass.

    So, I would safely conclude that ANYONE connected with the “Perdue” name in that clan of Sonny Perdue’s would have also been raised as a Democrat, and practiced as one.

    Sometime in 1999, SP switched parties.  Does anyone actually think ANYONE in the Perdue Clan would have also switched to the GOP, after being a Democrat for all their life? No way, no how.

    So, SP’s cousin, David Perdue, by direct logic, was raised as a Democrat as well.

    And, if that is not true, then it sure is a darned shame that DP does not have a record of ever voting in ANY regular Republican primary election in Georgia until the year his name is on the ballot.  Not even an absentee ballot cast.  It’s like he’s a ghost until this cycle.

    Just as a side point, last Monday I received a phone call from a volunteer (or so he said) for the Perdue campaign.  I was asked if I had any questions about DP, to which I responded, “Yes, why don’t we have any record of him ever voting in a Republican primary in Georgia?”

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    Buddy Carter: The Epitome of Absolute Stupidity

    Bill Simon, June 18th, 2014

    When Johnny Carson hosted The Tonight Show, he often bantered with the audience when making observations about the weather or traffic or whatever, and he would make a statement like “The Santa Monica Freeway was so backed-up today driving to the studio…” and the audience would respond with “How backed-up was it?”

    I just happened to check my email late this evening to find the missive from Georgia Tip Sheet regarding a new ad that Candidate for Congressional District 1 Buddy Carter has unveiled that attacks his runoff opponent Dr. Bob Johnson.

    Quoting from the Tipsheet article, this is the narrative of Carter’s ad against Bob Johnson:

    ” ‘Bob Johnson claims he’ll never back down from Obama,’ a narrator says in the spot. ‘Bob Johnson is a dues paying member of a group and received funding from groups that support Obamacare.’ “

    Now, let’s clarify a few things for the viewing audience: Dr. Bob Johnson is the guy who works in the profession of medicine directly responsible for writing prescriptions for his patients to take to a pharmacy like the one Buddy Carter owns and operates for someone like Pharmacist Carter to dispense the drugs.

    So, Buddy Carter is attacking Johnson on the basis of Johnson receiving campaign contributions from a group of medical professionals that may or may not actually be “supporting Obamacare.”

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    Mike Jacobs: Supported and Endorsed Indicted DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis

    Bill Simon, May 9th, 2014


    TO: Mike Jacobs, State Rep.

    FROM: Bill Simon

    RE: A Top-Secret Fact About You

    Dear Mike,

    How much do you know about the Internet? Well, let me just tell you something you likely don’t know about it, especially with regards to certain websites that are on it.

    There’s this really fascinating site referred to as The Internet Archive. Ever heard of it? Some brilliant folks back in the beginnings of the World Wide Web decided to create a site that would take periodic snapshots of the entire Web…and store these sites in an online “archive.”

    This archive, Mike, well…it has an abundance of sites in it. Of particular interest to you might be the fact that, though you wiped-out your previous website back in the Fall of 2013, and re-built it on the same domain…well…the Internet Archive captured your previous site’s content in its Web tentacles.

    Do you know what I discovered in going back through your “old site?” Well, along with all your empty promises to the folks of Brookhaven how much lower their total tax burden will be with a City of Brookhaven and such, I discovered the real reason why you wiped your Website clean.

    You endorsed Burrell Ellis. Twice, actually. DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis. Indicted DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis, to be accurate. (This Burrell Ellis, in case you may have forgotten.)

    In fact, had it not been for YOUR help, he might not have gotten elected at…all.

    This is what you said about Ellis back right before the 2008 Primary:

    “I do think Burrell Ellis would make an outstanding CEO…It will take someone like Ellis to clean up the fine mess Vernon Jones has gotten us into.”

    And then, there was the 2008 Primary Run-Off, where you said this about Ellis’s qualifications:

    “I highly recommend Burrell Ellis for this very important office which controls the day-to-day administration of our county.”

    So….you “highly recommend Burrell Ellis.” Looks like with your support, Ellis WON and became CEO due to your strong endorsement of him. Your two endorsements of Ellis while you supposedly were a “Republican” state representative.

    Also, I do note that you endorsed Elaine Boyer back in that July 2008 primary too. What do you think, now, about your endorsement of her and all that P-Card stuff and an county ethics investigation into her…?

    Isn’t it amazing how the people you support turn-out to be kinda crooked? Do you think you made a mistake in your support and endorsement of Burrell Ellis, Mike? What about Elaine Boyer?

    I was listening to one of your latest “slam autocall” messages against Catherine Bernard. I noticed that you cut-out a significant part of her honest answer to the question directed to her by an audience member of “In 2012, did you vote for Mitt Romney?”

    Her COMPLETE answer in that recorded meeting on that tape (that you removed from the tape like the liberal media always does against Republicans) was “I cannot say that I did. In 2012, I voted for Gary Johnson for President, the person who had a two-term conservative track record serving as Republican Governor of New Mexico.”

    She admitted she did not vote for Romney. She also admitted she did not vote for Barack Obama in 2012 as you have implied in all of your campaign material.

    She could have easily lied and no one would have been the wiser. But, she doesn’t lie about anything about her past. Unlike you, Mike.

    Funny how you think it’s honorable to slam Catherine Bernard for her fully being honest about her past, while you sought to hide your actions (like the sniveling coward you are who still refuses to debate Catherine on actual issues important to Georgians and their pocketbooks), by thinking you could delete your website, and nobody would ever be the wiser about all of your endorsements of people like Burrell Ellis.

    It’s akin to what I discovered about your $10,000 contribution to the Democratic Party of Georgia, Mike.

    For the record, Mike, Catherine has NEVER contributed any money to the Democratic Party or any Democrat running for office. (and, you know how well I research these things, Mike)

    It’s also akin to your statement to Brookhaven City Council Member Rebecca Chase Williams about not wanting to raise taxes because it’s an “election year.”

    So, next year, if you are reelected, I suspect you will be proposing all kinds of taxes to be raised, because it won’t be an ‘election year’ where you have to hide your tax-hiking tendencies.

    You just think you can blithely wipe away your past and nobody will ever know about you. All you really are is a hypocrite, Mike. A pathological hypocrite.

    People who live in glass houses should not throw rocks at others, Mike…’cause you never know when you’ll get a boulder thrown right back…‘atcha

      David Ralston: “Hire me and I’ll delay your case”

      Bill Simon, May 8th, 2014

      Now, I’m fairly certain there are many “legislator-lawyers” who abuse the invocation of either O.C.G.A. 17-8-26 or O.C.G.A. 9-10-150 to delay calendar calls or trial dates (and, eventually, you others will be unmasked for your abuses of the system).

      But, for the moment, we’ll just look at one of you: Attorney David Ralston, State House Rep., District 7.

      There’s a video ad currently running in the 7th District, concerning a criminal misdemeanor case based on a 2005 traffic accident, in which Amanda Mosher’s husband and daughter were killed in Gilmer County by another driver. (Here’s a link to the ad)

      In 2006, that other driver, whose name is Walter Emery Layson, was charged with two counts of 2nd Degree Vehicular Homicide by the District Attorney.

      Sometime after that, Layson hired David Ralston to be his defense attorney.

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      Catherine Bernard Sends an Open Letter to Rep Michael Jacobs

      PV, April 16th, 2014

      April 16, 2014

      Dear Representative Jacobs:

      I noted with disappointment your announcement that you planned not to attend the April 23rd primary debate sponsored by the Dekalb Young Republicans at Oglethorpe University (http://brookhavenpost.co/young-republicans-to-host-debate-for-state-house-district-80-primary/15132). Please allow this letter to serve as notice of my willingness and intention to offer the voters of House District 80 the opportunity to observe a debate between their two announced candidates for State Representative. I hope that you will join me in ensuring that such a forum is held.

      On January 27th, the Dekalb Young Republicans issued a debate invitation to both of us, as the two announced candidates for the House District 80 Republican primary election. I accepted. On February 3rd, you responded by saying that you would consider the invitation after the legislative session was over. Of course, I understood that you would need to focus your attention on legislative work instead of campaigning. Though it surprised me that you were able to spend so much time making social media posts attacking me during this time, I expected that as the former president of your debate club (http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/1995-08-16/news/9508150207_1_college-democrats-school-board-democratic-national-committee) you would have no trouble transferring your energy into a public forum designed to educate voters about their choice on May 20th.

      As session drew to a close, I found myself fielding multiple inquiries as to whether or not a debate would happen. I publicly referred interested parties to your statement, expecting that you would keep your promise to consider the invitation after the session was over on March 20th. When no response was forthcoming, I made inquiries to Dekalb Young Republican leadership as to whether they planned to schedule a debate. On April 9th, I received an invitation to a debate set for April 23rd at Oglethorpe University, and accepted immediately.

      You have cited various reasons as to why you will not attend the debate: insufficient notice, donations to my campaign from Dekalb Young Republican officers, and the pre-registration requirement for the event. It is true that I have many friends and supporters in the Dekalb YRs — as you know from your support from the Young Democrats in 2004 and 2006, being connected with young party activists is a valuable part of any campaign. However, it is my understanding that there would be a neutral moderator. While I don’t care for pre-registration either, as guests on Oglethorpe’s campus it is a courtesy I am willing to extend to our hosts. As for the issue of notice, I find it hard to believe that an invitation extended on January 27th provided you insufficient time to find dates that you were available, but am willing to re-schedule if April 23rd doesn’t suit you.

      My question to you, Representative Jacobs, is simple: when and where would you like to debate? I hope you agree with me that Republican primary voters deserve the opportunity to hear from both of the candidates who will be on their ballots on May 20th — and besides, such forums are excellent opportunities to publicize conservative principles and spark interest in the GOP. Many, many voters have asked me about a debate, and I hope that you can respect their interest and agree to participate.


      Catherine S. Bernard

      Tea Party Patriots to File Lawsuit Against IRS

      PV, April 15th, 2014

      April 15, 2014

      CONTACT: Mike Rudin
      Shirley & Banister Public Affairs


      Tea Party Patriots to Take Legal Action Against Internal Revenue Service Today

      Press Conference Call at 1:30 p.m. ET today Discuss Lawsuit

      WOODSTOCK, GA — Today, Tea Party Patriots is filing a lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of Columbia against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Treasury, asking the court to force the release of documents shedding light on the agency’s proposal for burdensome regulations for 501(c)4 citizens groups, and the roles played by former IRS official Lois Lerner and other Administration officials in developing the regulations.

      The suit seeks documents relating to the IRS’ “Guidance for Tax Exempt Social Welfare Organizations on Candidate-Related Political Activities,” announced November 29, 2013. To date, the IRS has refused to provide any documents to Tea Party Patriots, which first requested them on December 10, 2013 under the Freedom of Information Act.

      WHO: Jenny Beth Martin, Co-founder of Tea Party Patriots
      Cleta Mitchell, Partner at Foley & Lardner, LLP

      WHAT: Press conference call to discuss FOIA lawsuit

      WHEN: Today, April 15, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. ET (20 minutes)

      WHERE: 712-432-1212 Access code: 929-880-519

      Tea Party Patriots is a national grassroots coalition with more than 3,400 locally organized chapters and more than 15 million supporters nationwide. Tea Party Patriots is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting the principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. Visit Tea Party Patriots online at www.TeaPartyPatriots.org.

      For more information, please contact Mike Rudin with Shirley & Banister Public Affairs at mrudin@sbpublicaffairs.com or (703) 739-5920.


      Derrick Grayson Responds To The Fort Hood Shooting

      PV, April 6th, 2014

      April 4, 2014 Atlanta, GA - In light of the second tragedy at Ft. Hood, a broken soldier takes more lives, including his own.

      “I was at a Veterans Rally recently. Their biggest complaint was it could take years to get the care they needed. An Army spokesman admitted, “The Armed Forces still transfers paper files back and forth during the review process for any after service medical care request. Those files aren’t even computerized,” Grayson said.

      “Even my own doctor goes from exam room to exam room with a WiFi connected tablet, complete with my photo, biographical info, medications, pharmacy contact and my favorite color of underwear.”

      The Department of Veterans Affairs claims the average wait for a veteran to receive their disability benefits is 277 days. This is the view of just one claims department in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

      The reasons for suicide are often complex and can’t be shoehorned into a simple explanation. But multiple deployments in more than a decade of war have taken a toll on military members and their families. And many are reluctant to ask for help because it could be considered a sign of weakness that could derail their military careers.

      Last year the Army reported that more soldiers died by suicide than by enemy attack – 182 by suicide and 176 in combat. 22,10 and 19… Those numbers are the number of suicides of service members at Ft. Hood in 2010, 2011 and 2012… This is unacceptable.

      We need to honor our promises to our service members. No service member should come home damaged and fight for treatment, sometimes for years. No service member should be homeless. VA records need to be computerized. Make info inter-departmentally available electronically. Hire civilian doctors to evaluate the urgency of care thus removing the adversarial review board that routinely denies care after service benefits. Give veterans priority in transitional services

      If you believe, like me, that we should keep our promises to those that fight and sacrifice for our freedom then I ask you to give me your support. I will fight for our veterans, I will never give up on this fight.

      For more information please contact press@graysoncommittee.com or call 404-445-2088

      HD 80: Double-Dipping Mike (Jacobs)?

      Bill Simon, March 30th, 2014


      TO: State Rep. Mike Jacobs

      From: Bill Simon

      Re: Just a few…ethics law violations to discuss


      Did you know that my first major was Psychology? Spent a year taking a bunch of psychology and other liberal art courses until I decided “Screw this, I’m going for something way more fun: Mechanical Engineering at Tech.”

      But, I learned enough, and have read enough in psychology since then, to know that your behavior in this GOP primary for HD 80 has some definite, deep-rooted psychoses that your subconscious apparently wrestles with on a daily basis. We’ll get to those shortly. But, first, a little “look-back” at your political career.

      Back in your younger days in the 1995 timeframe, you were so entrenched in Democratic politics, you were elected Legislative Director of the College Democrats of America while you were attending Georgetown University, a position that allowed you direct influence into the goals of the Democratic National Committee. (Hmmm…who was President of the United States back then, Mike?)

      In a fascinating sort of time-contrast here, do you know what your current Republican opponent for HD 80, Catherine Bernard, was doing in 1995, while you were pushing the liberal Democratic agenda policies of Bill Clinton? She was 13 years-old, and attending her first debate camp in the summer between middle-school and high school. (No wonder you’re so terrified to show-up for a debate with her…she’s akin to being a 4th degree Black Belt in debating skills and would wipe the floor with you.)
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      Todd Rehm gives lessons on how to be Mark Rountree

      PV, March 17th, 2014

      Rumors have it that over the weekend at an event in which Nancy Jester, candidate for State School Superintendent was appearing, Jester’s paid political consultant (i.e., Todd Rehm) decided he would channel Mark Rountree in an encounter with political activist Joe Newton.

      PV ‘Splains Things: In order to understand Saturday’s situation, you have to know about a teeny-tiny, almost obscure, event that happened back during an election primary between Lorraine Greene and Charlie Bannister for Gwinnett County Commission Chair.

      Greene was Mark Rountree’s candidate. Joe Newton opposed Lorraine Greene for chair, and did so by creating his own t-shirt that stated something to the effect of “Lorraine Greene is [whatever]“. Whatever it was, it was his right to oppose Lorraine Greene, and to buy a shirt expressing his sentiment.

      Well, Newton wore his shirt at some event in which Rountree attended, and when Rountree saw the shirt Joe Newton was wearing, Rountree points his finger at Newton and said “THAT shirt is illegal because you don’t disclose who paid for it.”

      Yeah, well, it turns out this was right after the law in Georgia got repealed that required any kind of “Paid for by” statement…and, even if Rountree had gotten his best buddies over at the Gwinnett DA’s or the Solicitor’s offices to charge Newton with violating some disclosure law that Rountree thought applied, the DA and/or Solicitor would have found themselves on the losing end of this silly little part of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights concerning “free speech.”

      SO, now that you know the back story about Rountree, you will understand what we’re referring to about “Todd Rehm giving lessons on how to be Mark Rountree” as it pertains to last Saturday’s event.

      Nancy Jester was speaking at some location last Saturday. Joe Newton and a friend of his were outside the venue handing-out copies of this flier.

      At some point the police were called by pro-Jester people (who, if they could have, would tear-up the Bill of Rights for anyone except their supporters) to try and stop Newton from exercising his right to express his free speech.

      At some point Rehm confronted Newton by sticking his face within inches of Newton’s face and accusing Newton of “stalking female candidates.”

      Despite all of Todd Rehm’s best efforts in the matter, the police did not arrest Joe Newton, nor do they charge him with anything, as he broke no law (much to the chagrin, we’re sure, of Todd Rehm, who has a propensity to not give a sh*t about silly things like ‘laws’ and ‘rules’, the U.S. Constitution, and, well…anything that NORMAL people might care about). After all, he’s a *Political Consultant* who thinks he knows everything.

      What’s really too bad about this incident is that at NO TIME did Mr. Rehm or Ms. Jester attempt to deny the statements written on Newton’s flyer. Apparently, they must be 100% factual, because, when you cannot argue the facts, it is SOP to try and kill the messenger.

      So, since there are 9 candidates running for state school superintendent’s race, we will apply the Georgia Tech Rule of what happens when you have too many choices on a test: You whittle-down the possible choices. So, by process of elimination, we eliminate Nancy Jester. NOT because of the moves of a douchebag of a political consultant, but because apparently she is what Newton claims her to be: A liberal, not any kind of conservative.

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