Betcha Pat Robertson Will Have A Heavy Heart Tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

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Rumors have it that not only did Ralph Reed, current candidate for Georgia's Lt. Governorship know exactly who was paying him to fight only against certain casino operations in Lousiana by a tribe intent on protecting their own casinos, but Ralph actually had the gall to enlist Pat Robertson into this scheme to fight against his client's competitors, all (we presume) without telling Robertson that he was actually getting paid to orchestrate the entire Christian opposition to the opposing casinos.

Take a look at the attached PDF, and, once again, we will faithfully transcribe its contents here:


TO: Pat Robertson


FROM: Ralph Reed

DATE: March 21, 2001

MESSAGE: Pat, attached is a memo and a phone script on a riverboat casino bill we are helping the pro-family forces fight in Louisiana. Jerry Falwell has done a messag to 55,000 households, and we would love to have a message form you. You may recall we did this in VA and defeated the riverboats. Thanks, friend. I appreciate your leadership for our values very much.

- Ralph


PV Snorts In Disgust: "I appreciate your leadership for our values very much"? Oh, reeeeeeally?

What Ralph really meant was "I appreciate you being stupid enough to believe in me and my word and that I am only fighting against this cause because I AM GETTING PAID FOR IT, and I need you, Pat, to do it for me for free."

Here's a little tidbit for current events:

Rumors have it that Ralph Reed is soliciting money from Christian businessmen in the Atlanta-metro area with the promise of access to President George Bush.

In several voicemail messages left all over the city over the past 3 weeks, Ralph has stated that if the businessman will contribute "X" dollars to Ralph's campaign, the businessman will get a one-on-one, personal phone call from President Bush...and, if the businessman gives "Y" dollars (the max, we believe), then the businessman will get an in-person meeting with President Bush.

PV Just Shrugs: We fully expected Karl Rove and the President to be stupid enough to help Ralph Reed. Why? Because, after Harriet Miers was nominated by the President for the USSC, Ralph Reed went out in a big show of support for the choice...and, as his reward, he gets to sell access to the President for his Lt. Governor campaign.

It is typical of the Potomac Quid Pro Quo Society...Bill Clinton did it when the DNC offered $50,000 contributors a night in the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House. So, really, what's wrong with Ralph doing it to help him raise money for his Lt. Governor's campaign?

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